So apparently David Bernstein and Mervyn King have left the board today! Why has this happened? I thought we had the boardroom sorted so we could get on with the management and playing staff?

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i would rather the American or Chinese investors to be honest.

Would agree, if those investors are who people think they are. The trouble with a local consortium is it's likely to have limited scope for future investment. Which means lower half of PL at best and maybe mid-table Championship could be the norm.

I am refusing to get sucked into all the sale speculation once again. It may happen, it may not, but I shall just wait and see and not get my hopes up for very wealthy new owners. If it is going to happen then the sooner the better.

I just hope for a better future than one under Mr Lerner.

Randy Lerner has apparently taken full responsibility for Villas relegation.

Now that's a surprise isn't it? Who'd believe that he would come to that conclusion as the big cheese and the man who appointed all the poor management men?

Well at least us poor supporters now know who to blame.
Randy should be taking responsibility for O'Neil leaving that's exactly when it began to go pear shaped, he could have saved himself fortunes if he had given O'Neil the funds from the Milner sale.The man only wanted to use the money to kick on. God knows how much we have spent on players and paying up failed!!managers it must be huge sums.

I bet he must regret that decision now.

Ultimately, he's responsible. Failing to organise the club on a sound basis, and ill-conceived decisions one after another. I was amazed at his statement that "inevitability set in after the Leicester result". If that was the case why not stick with Sherwood. If it was worth replacing Sherwood with Garde then surely he had to support Garde. Crass! Leicester was upsetting; to lose in that fashion after being close to winning hugely disappointing, and raised questions. But it was hardly the end of the road.

However, we shouldn't let off those who should have done better. Average players can't help being average. But the senior staff who should have formed the backbone of the club this season failed dismally to do so. No leadership, no desire, no fight, or what little there was was ineffective. They landed Sherwood in it, they destroyed Garde's efforts, they undermined the rest of the squad. They need to be gone, every bit as much as Lerner.

Spot on Mcparland.

The " big players" have failed miserably. They are a disgrace to the shirt.
Have to agree with both the above comments about the so called big players in our squad they have not only let the Club down but they've let themselves down baldly.
The attitude of these payers for a good while now has been I will try when i want to as i am still going to be payed the same what ever the result.
A very unprofessional attitude which all fan's have witnessed from certain players.




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