So apparently David Bernstein and Mervyn King have left the board today! Why has this happened? I thought we had the boardroom sorted so we could get on with the management and playing staff?

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Just when you think you have hit rock bottom and the only way is up...........

It gets worse and worse and worse. Mervyn King, the guy who rode out the Credit Crunch as Governor of the Bank of England is defeated after a few weeks at Villa and walks. We must be in an even bigger mess than we thought. I've been saying for months that we are in such a mess, that next season is about SURVIVAL in the Championship. That was before tonight. Now it seems that League One football is a real possibility. Forget Derby, Leeds and Forest and think of Rochdale, Shrewsbury and Chesterfield instead.

Just found this article on Vital Villa. It links to an interview by King given to Bloomberg TV after he resigned.

King is actually quite optimistic, talks about THE sale, and says hopes things will be sorted out in the next two or three weeks.

All is not lost? Dunno. The record of positives turning out to be catastrophes at the club is too long to have too much confidence. But ..... we shall see. UTV

Also, the BBC has an article giving the reasons behind Bernstein and King departing. Basically, an email communication between the two which included criticism of Lerner was leaked to Lerner (by who, I wonder?). They received an extremely hostile response from Lerner, and that triggered the resignations, although it seems that they had become extremely unhappy with the lack of progress anyway.

Seems Lerner cannot resist interfering, even though he's handed control over to Hollis (which is what he's done, even if he doesn't actually understand that). One more reason to pray for the day when this clown leaves Villa for good. I'll believe it when it happens.

Also he corresponds by e-mail. What a surprise - he can't even pick up a phone, let alone appear in person. Typical.
Sorry for sounding like a broken record but I have been saying this absentee owner is holding our club back for a long while.

He treats our club as his private toy and if any one says or acts in a way he doesn't like he forces them to back down or resign.

The sooner we get rid of this poor excuse of a owner the better Villa will be .

Let's hope that's sooner rather than later.


Things are now so bad across the board at Villa that we are not even talking about Gabby being suspended for gross misconduct, Okore being banished to the under 21s following an altercation with Black, the rumours that Adrian Bevington could be leaving, the closure of the upper tier of the Trinity next season, the 500 reduncies at Villa Park, Moyes being made favourite for the Celtic job, Simon Grayson being heavily linked with the Villa job or the further planned protests at the next home

I'm guessing nothing will be done until the sale goes through so no new manager! Lerner has clearly thrown his toys out of the pram and two decent board members have had to go. Hopefully the new owner will bring them back! Rumour is the potential owner is a Chinese businessman with a fortune of $25 billion!!

Wang Jianlin is the Chinese businessman with the £25b fortune. Made his money in property (Wanda Group) but has been diversifying over the last few years. Interesting bod; paid £32m for a 20% stake in Atletico Madrid, so doesn't fall into the "buy the lot as a vanity project" category. Very enthusiastic about football, and has put money into it in China. No mug. Could be what we need!

MON was appointed before Lerner bought the club, but had assurances that the sale was going ahead, that Lerner was in full agreement, and the Doug would not be involved. So the appointment could be made in parallel. But while Lerner's around we're hostage to fate.

Somehow I think Moyes would think twice about Celtic. It's a great club but it's a small pond. We may have been relegated, but with the right backing we could have a better long term future, and I think Moyes doesn't want to spend too long away from the PL.

if that guy Wang Jianlin is seriously interested in us, then we could be onto a winner. Even if we were to get the odd Atletico player on loan - i would be so happy with that. Their youth system is turning out some gems!

With rumours connecting Moyes with Celtic around, Moyes has said he won't make any decisions until the summer. Seems to me he is keeping the door open for us.

But he'll only wait so long. Get on with the sale!

I am quite sure that new cash rich owners will have their own ideas about the manager and for that matter management throughout the club.

On that basis Moyes might not even make the short list.

Which ever way new owners will change everything for us and we may even get rid of Paddy Reilly.

Latest rumours:

According to Sky Sports, a consortium based partly in the UK and partly in Europe are engaged in due diligence and the sale could be completed within 48 hours.

According to B.mail, there are three potential buyers engaged in talks, those above plus American and Chinese bidders, but the 48 hours quoted above is not true.

Take that as you will.



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