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Ireland going off at half time was the turning point. He was the only player we had that was able to properly keep hold of the ball in the middle. 

He's broke his arm apparently mate

oh sugar. how long will that be? is it a proper break, or just a fracture? he will be a big big loss. Time for Delph to step up i would imagine. 

Erm they think it might be a fracture he's having an x-ray tomorrow so we'll learn more then. id probably say 6-8 weeks massive loss, I know we lack experience but this is just a suggestion as they are similar players but Samir Carruthers could fill the void it's a massive gamble but he has everything Ireland has but he's got pace about him. 

I watched him against Celtic in the NextGen an he was quality scored a nice goal as well 

20 mins of madness. Pathetic defending. Our defenders showed their total lack of experience and composure.

bloody hell so it ended 4-1 in the end. my stream died in injury time and we gave a penalty away too after. Rickie Lambert was too much for us he ran circles around us in the 2nd half looked dangerous every time he touched the ball

Doesn't seem like our manager was playing to our teams strengths, 

he seemed more interested in playing a ball behind which completely bamboozled our midfields game.

We have to live with days like this when nothing happens for the team due to one thing or another.

I listened to the game on the radio and we got hammered by lalana, puncheon & lambert 

i watched the game, and in the first half we were well in control of the match, albeit while creating nothing. We matched them physically and were able to keep the ball for periods. Southampton posed little threat. At half time Ireland came off and Westwood went on, and it went downhill from there, it really did. Benteke looked dangerous in parts, and showed some good understanding with Bent. Bent didn't do much all game, to be honest, but took his goal well.

Lambert did indeed cause problems, mainly with his movement towards the ball, and then arriving late. 

El-Ahmedi wouldnt win a header to save his life in the middle. 

Holman didnt do much

Lowton and Lichaj didnt offer much going forward. 

Bannan did ok in spells. 

Vlaar and Clark were both a little off, and guilty of playing the ball long when they didn't need too. 

Thats my view anyway. Young team though, so we move on. Big test next week and for the few weeks ahead. We will have to play better today, though, otherwise we will be in trouble, as second half we were very very poor. 

the stats say a lot. We had 50 percent of the possession. 8 shots, but only 2 on target. 

Spot on Umma. Lambert won everything, Ramirez and Lallana ran the midfield, whilst KEA ducked out of every header or just watched it bounce, Bent was a complete waste of a player, but Holman never stopped running harrassing (not sexually) the oppositon. We just didn't turn up on Sat which was a massive shame. I can't believe Ireland broke his arm. Was it a bit of a vicious chinese burn from Lambert at half time?

Think if you read Umma's post he actually said in the first half we were well in control of the match. Doing OK in an away game. Bent got us our 1 goal lead, and Bent and Benteke had a bright start to the second half. Not bad for players who previously had only 20 minutes playing time together.

Lambert bamboozled the defence for their first goal; scoring when surrounded by 4 players wasn't good on our part. And that started the rot. It happens, particularly when so many players are new to the team. But I don't think it was lack of effort or ambition.

Having been at the match there was definite lack of gumption from KEA and Bent. I would go as so far to say that even in the 1st half we weren't great, but Irelands 1 touch passing gave us more space. Bannan again and again tries that ball over the top which if he doesn't learn soon that it rarely works must be given a break from the first team as we just lose posession.



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