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Not sure WorldClass, I did'nt even know 606 was closing down? Did'nt see anything about it on the BBC Football home page, then again, BBC did'nt even mention the Asian Cup! Thought I would check this site out, as I need to follow the thoughts of the Birmingham based fans about the goings on at Villa Park (I live in Australia). Are you and I the only Villa fans on this site?

606 is closing at the end of the season.  We wanted to create a site where people could debate without it turning into an abuse and obscenties free for all as the other 606 alternatives had.


I know we have a few Villa and a Few Birmingham but it's growing all the time and we tend to attract the better posters, the ones who don't want to be internet warriors.


Looks interesting

I suppose we will just have to wait and see if the numbers turn up

seems to be plenty manu and pool and chelsea fans i only just found out about this sight lads when did it start up

It seems a bit quiet so far..... I think there are that many forums about now, it's gonna be difficult to keep the old 606ers together

are there other forums to go onto then


You guys need to be doing a bit of promoting on the Villa board.


If you can get the numbers, this site will be the best around. I've no doubt about that.

Yeah, I like the look and feel of it. It seems very professional and pleasing on the eye, just need the members now to make it work

I reckon most will stay on 606 til the season end

well its worth a try

Looks like a good site. Been looking about and this so far looks the best put together.

I wonder if it'll take off hmmmmm.


tell your 606 friends if you think this site is worthy :)  I think Annie has a policy of not spamming other forums begging people to join.
Looks like a good site, Bit concerned that the only other Villa topic is Villa v Fulham!! Not exactly up to the min discussions but most alternatives i have seen are like that!



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