I'd like to see it work, but I choose my country "United Kingdom", its not at the top of the list with United States, its at the bottom with the Ukraine.


No good. Opportunist-thrown-together-site-people.


How do I post a wind up on another board?

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Ah yes, I put F-A-G-S in my about me section, I meat the UK type like a cigarette, but the Yankee Mods ****'d it out because in America its a derogatory term for Gays. So I can still post UK swear words like Arse and C*** and they don't mind, because it score a $0 fine on the USA swear box.


Do they have cocks in America? Don't answer that....


A fanny means your arse.


Hub cap


Trailer Trash

Jay Leno


Welcome to the site.  Yes we are on an American platform but I'm sure you can forgive us that.


The swear word blocker is standard and we can add and detract from it.  To moderate we simply edit the comment rather than remove it.


If you have any questions then give us a shout.

When I was working in the US with a few like minded Brits, we had a dodgy shirt night and went to a (then) local bar. After belting out the odd take that number and downing a dozen Buds, we'd synched our slash times.

There were three of us in the loo and one Yank chap. My friend had a cig in his mouth but didn't have a light. In his best Hugh Grant English he asked said Yank "have you got a light for a fag?". Never seen a fella run so fast!



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