Don't know what's happened (anything?) but not a word on the site since last Monday, apart from Johnny Dixon's bit re. Benteke.  I know McParland's on holiday, but surely I'm not the only one left behind...............?

Anyway, in case there's still anyone 'out there', what are people's reactions to another 0-3 result?  Can't say  I was surprised really, Chelsea are just streets ahead of everyone else (bar, perhaps, Man.C.) and we're missing our two best players anyway.  It wasn't the most adventurous Villa display I've ever seen, but then if it had been, the scoreline could have been another 8-0, I fear.

Within our defensive limitations, I thought we did quite well first half, though the goal should have been prevented, truth be told.  Nobody had a stinker for us, nor a stormer - all about adequate, with the odd good moment from Delph.  Pretty tame second half, getting pushed further back, but it was Chelsea after all....

Second goal, Baker caught napping (though I won't complain, he had a decent game otherwise) and the 3rd was just plain bad luck.  So.................could have been 0-0, but probably should have been 4 or 5.

At the end of the day, we've picked up 3 points from 3 games against the top four, with City to come next week.  Even if we lose that, we'll still have 10 points from our first 7 games (W3 D1 L3) and that's safe mid-table form, I'd say.  With a batch of much easier matches to come, Benteke and Vlaar back in the side and hopefully more than just cameos from Grealish to look forward to, things can only get better! 

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I'm here! Probably a result we expected- although I think 3-0 flattered Chelski a bit. We played ok and tried to catch them on the break- but they are a good team + favourites for the League so not surprising. They have spent £300,000m and we have spent £3.45p so doing ok so far.
Every single interview I have read or watched, Lambert was saying the exact same thing that he was happy with the performance, and we played well. What kind of management is that we lost 3 nill. Yes I don't expect him to come out and hammer the players but at least say something.

I don't know if it was his tactics or not but all we did was sit back, men behind the ball even when 3 nill down exactly the same as last week.

Vlaar is a problem because we can't rely on him, he misses too many games a season when we desperately need him.

We need to show much more intent when Benteke is back, even against teams like Chelsea, because if you are not brave you want get anything. Put the big sides under pressure and see what they can do otherwise if you sit back they win any way.

Set pieces were pathetic you would think professional footballers would know how to cross a ball.

I'm on a ship with shit internet signal, Ill be back after the City game!

Let's hope we have 3 more points by then, Bosko!

I agree where is everyone, what with the crappy adverts on here, if we don't write and reply the whole thing becomes a farce.

I wasn't surprised yesterday, what does surprise me is that we don't at least try to score, we might just as well drop the galloping major and his side kick Weimann and play Grealish and N'Zogbia from the start for all the effect our losely described strike force has.

Anybody know where Kilroy is, sorry Okore?
I think everyone was expecting a defeat so no need to make comments. Interesting gossip this morning that Arsenal are interested in Delph and Lerner may now sell for half price at £100m which seems more sensible and will hopefully attract more investors.
As stated,we all expected to lose this one ,it was just a case of how many,3 I suppose isn't to bad.
One more hard game to get over and we can start getting more points on the board.
Not much more you can say really, are we all happy with the start so far?
I think after the city game when we start playing our level of teams,we can really start to see what sort of team and tactics we have and can start real comments,posative and negative,until then it's just chit chat.
Funnily enough, I have actually been in Birmingham for the last three days, but been up the walls with work/uni. Haven't watched the game so can't comment, but when I get back to Belfast, I will. Might even get some stats out to prove how shit we were and that gabby is still great. Also read this which I thought was interesting....

Aston Villa forward: ‘I was addicted to sleeping pills and thought I was dying’

Just back from holiday. Great holiday. Getting frozen and blasted by gales in Scotland. Still great though.

See we've no more points. Didn't really expect them against those teams. Liverpool are different, they leave themselves open a bit. But I did just hope we might do City again. We nearly did. Nice to see Benteke back. Interesting that Zog was preferred to Bent when Gabby called off though.

cause Bent is crap! (though he does score goals. or well, he used to)



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