I know a few of you will be interested in the Olympic football next year and also Euro 2012.

Indeed I reckon I'll be going to a few of the Olympic football matches myself.

However it struck me that whilst many say we (GB) could put together a brilliant U23 football squad, the best English players are just not going to be there. Remember we can also have 3 players over 23.

The competitions are too close to eachother. Euro 2012 ends on 01/07/12 and the Olympic football starts on 26/07/12. I think the possibility of players taking part in both tournaments is practically zero.

So any good youngsters such as Wilshere, Smalling, Welbeck, Rodwell, Sturridge, Albrighton, Henderson etc who have a decent chance of going to the Euros will not then be available for the Olympics. Plus the fact that the three over 23 places available will not go to senior players as they'd have just returned from the Euros.


This makes Bale and Ramsey pushing their FA to let them go even less likely.

The team will not be as good as we had hoped it would be.  Not the fault of anyone really, just a bit of a shame.

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