Posted this on 606 just wondered what others think was reason for very poor performance?

in simple terms because of the age of our side.

We swanned into the game after beating Chelsea and scoring early thinking this was a gimme.

You could tell even before we scored it was going to be a bad day how many gaps there were around the pitch

Stoke bullied us not unfairly and Villa resorted to cheap un-necessary stupid fouls which just broke play up and made things worse.

We were poor in possession and it was like a hot potato and get rid.

We do lack quality and although I love the idea of playing the team we did yesterday, it will get us into trouble without the right additions, i.e experience and quality.

I am not moaning as we have done more than ok this year considering some of the teams we are up against.

Just a shame that those 3 points would have made us virtually safe and it is sadly a pattern.


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