looking forward to this second half of the season which I believe will be our last in the Championship.

I think Dean has shown enough of what he can achieve with half decent players that once he has supplemented the team with a couple of his own players we will fly up the league.

I am very encouraged with the attacking football we play I have always liked the attitude you score 2 and we’ll score 3.

Nothing to complain about all the signs are good after far too many years of mediocrity 

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I  agree not 100% sure not will pan out like that but I haven't enjoyed watching the villa win or lose for a while,.

No Kodjia in squad - any idea why?

What a huge disappointment that was to lose 3-0 to Wigan. Just goes to show what I know, absolutely nothing I cannot really believe it.

Honeymoon over, we really miss Grealish, he is our heart, since he has been out we have no creativity. McGinn tries his best, but needs more help.

Let's hope this defeat is the kick up the arse the side needed to get them back on track.

A bad day.

JD - I blame you with that optimistic OP!  Rule no 1; never be optimistic about us.

Yep a bad start to 2019. We're still in with a shout. Sickening that if we'd won we'd have been nicely placed in 7th. Both last two matches are the first really bad ones under DS.

It really does show how much we miss Jack. Seems we have nobody else who can play that central link up role. If DS can sort something out quick then we can still get things back on the road, but I don't know how.

I accept full responsibility, but just remember it’s been so long since we had something to believe in or something to get excited about that I just got carried away.

So Hull up next we have no chance we will be lucky to win the toss Hull to score a hatful.

That's better!!



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