Will the press report Hodgson's England the same way they would have Redknapp's?

Harry Redknapp had all but been confirmed as England manager by members of the press, it was merely a matter of time before 'Arry was officially confirmed. Then the unthinkable happened, they'd got it wrong, the FA made the wrong decision.

Thousands of words were written about how 'underwhelmed' everyone was, the reaction to being underwhelmed was quite overwhelming. Whereas 'Arry was seen as a perfect choice, Woy was wather widiculed.

I wondered what the reactions would be to the same achievements by the different men in the future, whether they would be as loaded either way as the reporting on their past achievements. So, for a bit of fun and perhaps mischief making, I wrote the below.

Pciture this, it's Euro 2012 and England drew their first group game with France 1-1, changes are being made and the press is responding to them and the team's performance and prospects, would it be different for each man? Make your own mind up...


Harry Redknapp has confirmed that he'll be making changes ahead of England's next match at Euro 2012 after the team's heroic exploits against France, one of the favourites for the tournament. Redknapp's England had been the underdogs at the outset but approached the match with a true togetherness that hasn't been present in an England team for a long time.

The changes he is planning ahead of the game against Sweden show a real desire to go further in the competition and rivals are starting to take notice of an England side they had dismissed before the tournament. Dropping Gerrard to the bench shows Redknapp is serious about bringing youth to his brave new England set-up, playing Kyle Walker as a right winger is something none of us expected but the inter-changing he'll be able to provide with Micah Richards behind him will prove a real threat to any opposition. 

Excited players couldn't help but let the plans slip out and sources within the camp are happy to tell journalists there's a real excitement not often experienced within an England squad at a tournament. 

Wayne Rooney, although still banned for the next game, is said to be holding court and as he sees the old guard - like Gerrard and Lampard - take a back step, he's ready to move forward with a new maturity of leading the team. This, even though he won't have taken part in the first two games, could be the tournament where Wayne Rooney takes England to the next level.

We spoke to Jamie Redknapp about England's prospects for the tournament "Well, it's hard to talk about without sounding biased but literally the whole country are behind Harry, y'know my dad, and the team. It's really fresh y'know, like exciting and bright.

"You can see it on the player's faces, I mean all due respect to other teams but France are a top top side and we've taken it to them and got that equaliser, we could have won it. I'm just really excited for the next game, can't wait."

Whisper it quietly but we may just be entering a stage where the bond between the nation and national team is restored, it's fun to support England again. 


England prepare to stumble from mediocre to disastrous as Roy Hodgson finally confirms the suspicions, held by the majority of the country, that he's out of his depth. His team were lucky to come up against an off form and off colour France side who look like stuttering out of this competition the same way they did at the 2010 World Cup. 

Hodgson's leaked plans for the next game against Sweden have raised the eyebrows of the press over here in Poland to the extent that we won't be needing Botox for several years. An old grudge held from his last dark days at Liverpool is set to see Hodgson cast aside Steven Gerrard when the country needs him most. What can only be described as a madcap idea of playing Klye Walker on the right, in Gerrard's place, is beyond parody, Mike Bassett has nothing on this situation.

That the news of the team meeting was leaked just shows the disarray the squad is in and this is just one competitive match into a 4 year contract.

Wayne Rooney, a good friend of the Liverpool captain, must wonder why he bothered travelling to this tournament and he's set to see his England career mismanaged by another inept coach. Dropping senior players, as if to prove some kind of power balance, simply puts more pressure onto Rooney. When he returns to the side, probably with the task of salvaging England's hopes of qualifying from the group, there's a new pressure on him as arguably the senior player of the side. 

We spoke to Jamie Redknapp about prospects for the tournament "You know me, I'm not one to criticise a manager, but this is getting silly. The entire country are dejected, I speak to people and they tell me it's their lowest month as an England fan, they just don't think it's worth it.

You can see it on the player's faces. All due respect to France but they've started this tournament awfully but we made them look good. Threw away a goal and then were lucky to get an equaliser and hold on. We can't rely on luck and poor opponents, other teams will be literally relishing playing us. Relishing it."

The FA made their bed but now it's the fans who have to lie in it. The fiasco has taught us one thing, however bad we think the England team is, there's always a way for it to be worse. In that sense Roy Hodgson has achieved what many thought was impossible. 

Hope you enjoyed it, follow me on Twitter if you so please at @AnnieEaves

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I remember the reaction of Liverpool to getting Hodgson. They were not happy. Why? Because he's a third rate manager and his appointment implies third rate aspirations for whichever team gets him. Don't get me wrong, I prefer him to some expensive foreign freebooter any day, indeed he is probably the best available candidate for England (assuming Harry wasn't available), but nobody should be pleased with his appointment.

The best part really is that at least he's probably cheap, relatively speaking. England are not a team that win tournaments, so the manager is pretty much a symbolic role.

Dog Liverpool fans were not right to react in the way they did... tell me where are Liverpool now after £150m worth of invest... how can Liverpool fans be happy with Kenny who incidentally has a worse record than Hodgson in this stint as Liverpool manager? Lets not look at he "reaction" of Liverpool fans and instead look at whether the Liverpool fan were right to behave in such a way... Not being Funny but Roy has managed a club bigger than Liverpool... inter Milan... 

The problem of Hodgson was H+G appointed him, then gave him no money to spend on an imbalanced squad and then the Liverpool squad showed an ambivalence that wouldn't surprise me if it came back to bite Gerrard on the backside in that respect.

'Arry took over a team in a falser then false position, With respect any half decent manager given those players, in that position would a success of it. The recovery was not because of Harry... he helped but no more than many other "Old Skool" managers could...

Roy is by far the superior tactician.... and in my opinion is a better candidate than 'Appy 'Arry who would turn it in to the Redknapp Roadshow with his son in a shiney shell suit sat next to him... 

Would have prefered Hoddle, but Hodgson I think will shock us if the player behave like men and perform rather than sulk and do everything half ass'ed....

This 3rd rate tag on Woy is unfair and uncalled for.... 

Remember Redknapp "Did not rate" Bale in his first 6months... to the point he did not play him... the first time he had to play him he had no choice because of injuries... but of course it's all Harrys influence that Bale, the player he did not rate, has become one of the stand out players.... according to the media anyway.... 

The media are just annoyed that they have been made to look like fools because they'd almost crowd Harry and has an open top parade through London for him prior to Woy coming... now they look foolish... They wanted a man to give them a story... Woy isn't that man... and thus they've jumped on their own Band Wagons in the hope that all their noise witll be mistaken for noise from the general public... 

I loved the stat about how many much of the population thought we could win the cup under Hodgson a meagre 1%... would that figure really be any higher with harry in charge... I'm sure they asked the question for comparison... but i'm sure the comparison didn't suit their argument...



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