I've never really understood the clamour about this guy, if I'm honest, and I wanted to get the views of people on here. My own belief is that he is a good player, but the hyperbole being spread about is because he is a young, English midfielder who isn't just a headless-chicken box-to-box type player. Being a more continental type player, he can actually pass the ball (cough Gerrard cough).


But am I wrong in thinking that this is a 7/10 guy in every department, but not greater than that in any single area. In the league last season he had 1 goal and 3 assists in 35 games.


Before you accuse me on an anti-English bias, there is a young English midfielder out there that I believe will far surpass Wilshere and that is Josh MacEachran. Have admittedly only seen him play a couple of times but he looks like he has a far superior football brain, as well as better technique than Wilshere.


Not with the intention of sounding like a 606 scouser, but is Wilshere any better than Cleverly (a player who I feel has a lot of development to come but, like Wilshere, has potential), given that Cleverly seems to have more of an end product to his game?



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I like that bit of bastard about a player.
Dont get the hype for Josh MacEachran just yet.
Needs to build up significantly but he can spot a pass in the final third in the way that I've only ever seen Scholes do (for an English player)
I've not seen enough of macechran to comment on him but how can any chelsea manager pick him when if they do and he isn't as good as abramovic thinks one of his big money buys would have been then the manager gets sack?

But look at Barca - they have proven that a superbly technical player can indeed function with a grit and determination. We don't see high-line playmakers like Riquelme anymore, players who don't track back because they are the team's creative outlet. I think football is going for a combination of power/ work rate as well as technical/ creative ability.


That Barca side ran more than any other side in the CL last season. Guardiola's rule is to win the ball back from the opposition within 6 seconds of losing it. They swarm around you like wasps, and as a guy who loves a great defense I think it's the best thing Barcelona have going for them.

I actually agree with Jose completely, I think Wilshire is undoubtably a good player but I don't the he's all that... I think he is slightly over-rated and he hasn't so far demonstrated lots of qualities which make him stand out. Currently for his age he has done tremendously well but I do think some over-rate him hugely.
Great minds, eh?

I do really rate wilshire as a player, granted, he's nowhere near the finished article but i don't feel those stats from last season because no stats exist for the amount of moves a player starts. Just look at scholes' stats for the last few seasons. So much play goes through him with little credit awarded, much like xavi (although he has recieved the credit deserved in recent years)


I am happy that England seem to be producing more technically capable players like the 3 mentioned (although i have seen nothing of maceachran but have heard only good things), but think it is only exciting times ahead for the national side. I just hope the media don't put too much pressure on them because it's likely to ruin them as it did our previous 'golden generation' little to no chance of this happening though. Won't stop me getting sucked in and believing we can win every tournament




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