If you were under a rock you may have missed that Sir Alex Ferguson recently celebrated 25 years as manager of Manchester United.


This led to many people trying to decide what has been his greatest ever team. That was hard enough but imagine trying to agree on what the greatest Manchester United team of all time is.


You've not just got to worry about getting Keane and Robson in the same team but also factor in greats of the past.


Robson or Rooney? Best or Beckham? Stiles or Scholes? A host of great players have played for Manchester United over the club’s long and distinguished history, but who would be in your ultimate dream team?


A unique, fan-driven project, MANCHESTER UNITED: GREATEST EVER XI sets out to select a definitive team of the greatest players ever to pull on the famous red shirt. A worldwide fan poll was held on, giving fans the chance to vote for their Greatest Ever XI and decide the line-up that will be featured in this official club DVD collection.


Across 4 DVDs and more than over 130 players, fans make the case for their picks and relive memories of mighty performances on the pitch highlighting the club’s most memorable players.


The first 3 discs take a detailed look at players by position – THE DEFENDERS turns the spotlight on full backs, centre halves and ‘keepers from Carey to Irwin, Stam to Vidic, and Stepney to Schmeichel.


THE MIDFIELDERS takes in United’s wealth of talent in the centre of the pitch, from tough tacklers such as Keane and Stiles to magicians like Best and Ronaldo. THE STRIKERS celebrates the heroes upfront, including icons such as Cantona, Charlton and Law. Finally, on the 4th disc comes the moment of truth as the fans’ ultimate United side is revealed. Which superstars make the cut?


This DVD set is available from November 14th at £39.99 and will be high on the Christmas list of many, however we have 3 sets to give away.  


To win either follow us and RT the requested tweet on Twitter or, for those of you don't use it, make a comment below. You'll automatically be entered into a draw we'll do on the morning the DVD is released.


This competition is only open to those in the UK.

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I can't enter :( so may have to buy one.


Quite a few Twitter entries up to now but certainly a good chance of winning with there being three sets.



Nobody is full time but three of us. 

A marvellous opportunity to delve into the rich heritage of the Old Trafford club.

Enter me please, pretty please with sugar lumps on top

No Ralphie Milne in the shortlist??

This DVD sounds awesome.

Enter me into the comp, please!

Ohhhhh yes - please enter me in this!

that would get me through many a hungover day over the Christmas period!!!

my all time 11 would be                                           Schmeichel,

                                              G.Neville            Bruce                    Vidic                  Evra


                                              Beckham             Scholes                 Keane               Giggs


                                                                         Ronaldo                 Cantona            

Aww go on then, sign me up.

Good luck glory hunters, you won't recognise anyone before 1992 but just fast forward those parts to the bit where you win stuff.

Anderson and star in the same sentence tells me everything I need to know about you. How's the weather in London?



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