The wishes of most fans have been heard and Bruce is now gone as much as you liked or disliked him and his tactics he is gone and we need a new manager in who can get results consistently and make use of our talented expensive squad and also play football that is more easy on the eye and that will soon get Villa fans right behind the new man .

The names that have been handed about Smith , Rodver , McCarthy ,Allerdice , Henry or Vonseca don't bother me we need someone who knows how to play atractive attacking football getting results that will put average teams to bed with ease not scraping bore draws with a last gap equaliser to salvage a point .

The requirements above would be impossible to find in one man but if we could get the majority of these straight away from the new man that would be a bonus to the hardest one for me would be winning over the fans getting them all as one and then when we have home games Villa Park would be a very difficult venue to come to and get anything if most or all of the other boxes are ticked then this one will be easy wins breed success giving confidence to players who start to then play to there full potential we start to move up the table the fans are happy and the club moves forward .

Peter Withe has just made a offer to manage Villa for free and get the Club going again not likely to happen but the point he also made which struck a chord with me was the powers that be need to think long and hard about who the new man should be and not install a knee jerk reaction manager the decision should be made by taking advice from people like Brian Little and they need to get the right man in now not 2/3 manager's time .

The question then would be should they go for a manager of vast experience in the English game Allerdice , McCarthy , Moyes , Benitez etc or go ambitious and appoint a good overseas manager with no UK experience ? .

The last choice would be to go for a manager with no experience at all but with a stellasyjng career at a top club who is looking to get into management this could work as they would fetch to the table on pitch experience of playing in top sides see successful managers at work this kind of appointment will go down well with fans but is it at risk to many and one Villa cannot afford to  take .

There is a big big decision to be made by the owner's for the sake of the Club i just hope they get it right .



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Should have read Rodgers not Rodver .

No good at typing on a smart phone. 

This could be a copy and paste post for the last 5 years!!

We need to get it right, of course. But who? I am excited about Henry, but he has no managerial experience, but then neither does Gerrard or Lampard.

How about Henry with Withe as advisor and arse kicker!

We will see, but fans MUST have patience and not expect an overnight turnaround. Play offs should be the target anything else being a bonus. But no matter what, everyone must get behind the new boss.

Henry as our coach scares the life out of me.

Terry, Rednapp Jnr  and Steve G were all leaders on the pitch which comes across in the way they are managing ,except Terry, but Henry was just a show pony.

I would rather give JT a go than TH.

its still Smith for me with Rodgers a close second.

Wolves had nothing to lose with the coach gamble they made and succeeded with after years of failure.

We really need to get this coach  position right as we still have time to get automatic promotion this season, as next season we could be looking at a big points loss early doors with this FFP rule.

Rodgers and Smith are both good football style men who know this league inside out.

a lesser gamble in grand scheme of things.

I got excited when we went for OGS a few years back but thinking back that was a blessing yet the bookies have TH as a favourite as our Egyptian owner was a season ticket holder at the Arse. 



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