Wojciech Szczesny doesn't have mental tiredness, says Fabianski is the better keeper

Arsenal goalkeeper Wojciech Szczęsny is going through a bit of a rough period at the moment and he's done another interview in Poland which simply makes him sound a bit cheesed of with his own form and the situation in general. Wenger used the reason of 'mental tiredness' to justify dropping the Polish keeper but Szczęsny himself isn't so sure.

When asked by Sportowy about Wenger dropping him and saying the player wasn't right mentally, Szczęsny replied "The manager made a decision and I had to respect it. Maybe he thought that I need a bit of a break from the pressure, nothing more

"I don’t know what 'mental tiredness' is."

Sportowy ask some really frank questions which get frank answers back from the Arsenal goalkeeper and that's what makes the interview such an insight into his state of mind at the moment. Szczęsny may not believe he's suffering from mental tiredness but his answers sure make him sound like he is.

With regards to his form and why he's not playing at his best, the Polish outlet go straight in and ask a few blunt question. Szczęsny responds with "I have a dip in form, which is normal for my age.

"The coaches have to determine, what is causing it. I come to training first, leave last, work hard and I am doing everything I can to make my form better.

"I always keep my feet on the ground. I didn’t play for the club for a while, because I was injured. I missed out on couple of the national team games as well. Since Euro 2012, I only played two games, and those were just friendlies.

"My dad certainly has the right to hold his own opinions, which I can’t, out of respect for many people, comment on. I shouldn’t. The decision to play with an injury was my own. Luckily, I didn’t do any permanent damage. Now my arm is just fine."

The last bit there with regards to his dad does sound like he thinks there is some truth in what his father said about him playing through injury and that harming his form. It's something that Koscielny said to France Football this week about himself and it's also something with appears to have happened with Thomas Vermaelen this season as well. It's not really a great situation, especially when the relatives of players get so irritated with it that they feel the need to speak out. 

Much as it's embarrassing for everyone involved that the Arsenal goalkeeper's dad criitcised the club, it doesn't mean there wasn't any truth in it and that's something which may worry fans of Arsene Wenger's team. 

He goes on to speak about Fabianski being the better goalkeeper at the moment for Arsenal and also concedes that Boruc should probably be number one for Poland "I’m a realist; I saw what is happening in training, who is in better form. The manager told me earlier, what will happen in the next few weeks. I was ready to watch the Bayern game on TV.

"Of course, I would have preferred to play, but Lukasz was in better form and he played a very good game. This decision is made based on player’s form. The same happens with strikers; the striker who is scoring goals is playing. I don’t think there is a player more important than the club. If the team won two games, and I was not playing, then I have no complaints. The most important thing is that the team is winning, and the player who is in better form will play.

"Lukasz will certainly play in the next game."

Sportowy ask him where the self sure Wojciech Szczęsny has gone, where's the man who would have been furious at being dropped for club and country? During his time with Arsenal, Szczęsny has been known for having confidence to the point of being cocky and it's a good characteristic for a goalkeeper to have but he's not so rash with it now "Back then, I thought I was right, but now I also think I am right. Back then, I thought the worse goalkeeper is playing; now I think the better one is in goal."

Cheer up Wojciech!

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This interview was found through great work by Online Arsenal who got it translated by Bartosz Ciurski. We suggest you read the full interview on their website, it's a great read.

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