Football is full of predictions, who will X team sign next, who will win Y league etc, and it isn't just the betting companies who put their necks on the line, players often find a way to say things which will come back to haunt them in hindsight fairly often too. What are some of your favourite failed predictions?

Here are two of my favourites:


1. Pele, a terrific footballer no doubt even if you are one of those who claim he couldn't have done it in a ''better'' league, but either way, he's no Paul the Octopus - 
''Ahead of England's quarterfinal game against Brazil. He (Nicky Butt) was named "the best player of the England squad" by Brazilian legend Pele a compliment to his performance in the unattractive holding role. England eventually crashed out of the World Cup after a 2–1 defeat to Brazil.'' 
 - Perhaps a bit unfair as it is just Pele's opinion after all, however wrong it may be.


1. Gerrard claiming Joe Cole could win the player of the year award (as if the Messi comparisons weren't bad enough) - ''He used to shock us in training by doing footy tricks with a golf ball that most players can't even do with a football. I really fancy Joe for the [player of the year] award this season."
 - not sure this deserves a comment. Steven I salute you.


Any others you'd like to share? 

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My favourite was "you'll never win anything with kids".
How about Nolhman's predictions this season? I think all or certainly the majority of them were wrong. smiley
Oh God I wouldn't know where to start... But if Nani stays at United i'll certainly have some fun with him!
If Nani leaves he's threatening to move his affections to the twins.  Somebody needs to warn them.
I feel for the twins, especially as I have witnessed Nolham's... creepiness first hand, he once threatened to meet me on the train to Manchester from London. I was scared.

Arsenal would win the Quadruple.

To be fair to most of the Arsenal fans, it wasn't them who were making the claims about the quadruple, it was mainly the media, the same applies to our fans and the treble.



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