This team is a discrase! We look poor and WIGAN (!) owns big parts of the games. We look uninspired, poor and off pace. 

The worst part of it. We are hammering our head in the wall and not going anywhere in the game, end McLeish ends up on changing Albrighton with Heskey.. HESKEY! What in the world could he be doing to lock up the game?

This team is a discrase and the people on this page that is saying "Give McLeish a chance" is deluded. He is a discrase for our team and someone should beat his a** and throw him out of the city. The poorest, dumbest manager I have ever seen!

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I was all for giving him a chance, but he has had long enough and nothing is coming together, by this time with Houllier the team was starting to come together and you could see good signs of progress, with McLeish there is nothing, hope we are searching for a manager come monday, McCarthy anyone?

Agree! I wasnt a big Hou fan, but he made our team look attacking and willing to win. Under McLeish, we just look pure sh*t!

i too was all for giving him a chance, but that was shocking today.

Thats more than one occasion now i have satched Albrighton and my god, he is crap. Cant pass, always wrong side of his man, cant tackle, no pace, has nothing. I know he is one of our own but we have tp take the claret and blue glasses off.

With Bent out injured and Keane now leaving please step up to the plate, Mr Wieman. Also time to deliver Nzogbia, Ireland and Bannan. Also Herd i hope will be back soon.

2 positives from today, clean sheet and we didnt concede from a corner. small mercies.

bring back John Gregory.

i would happily take McCarthy. said it before we appointed McLeish. Got shot down on this forum though, don't really know why.

he does not excite me to be honest, you could argue if he is any worse than mcleish of course.

but where as Mcleish has had teams relegated he has won some scottish titles and trophies and yes i know .. for whatever they are worth  .. 

also has a league cup to his name 

besides fighting the good fight with some relegation clubs, what besides honesty and a straight forward approach would he bring,  if mcleish is not the manager for us .. then a manager that has also failed to inspire or motivate his charges this year with a history of managing bottom of the table clubs will bring what to the table ? 

Our fans are overly ambitious but rightfully frustrated and frustrated with the current performances 

we should take a leaf out of the wolves home fans books and try be more positive on match day 

Wigan remain rooted to the bottom of the Premier League after they failed to capitalise on their domination over Aston Villa at the DW Stadium.

From the BBC website.  Says it all really.

We will be Championship bound next season (if not this) with this chump in charge.




It is easy to say that we are not going down this year, but if it stays like this, we will go down next season.. I am not angry, I am just sad that this is the state of our club.. PLEASE McLeish.. Just leave.. No hard feelings. Just walk out! 

Worst since DOL???? DOL was a far better manager than the mediocre clown we're now lumbered with. Remember DOL had had two years of virtually no funds before he left.

After today it's less likely we'll go down, because those below us did no better and our 7 point cushion becomes more valuable. But we should have gone to Wigan to win, not just not lose; if Wigan could only find the back of the net, on todays performance we would have lost. With Bent out who's going to lead the attack? It should be Weimann. It'll probably be Heskey....

i think that we wil be better with Bent injured. a midfield and forward line like this looks good to me

    Petrov Gardner

Albrighton Ireland Nzogbia


with Bannan, Weiman, Herd and Heskey as back up!

Spot on Umma, as much as I would love to see Weinmann given a run we can't afford it, Gabby up top with Ireland and Charlie not far behind, supporting, and Albrighton with the occasional run up the flank, and Gardner and Petrov to break up attacks and link up play, oh and of course getting rid of that useless waste of a manager

The trouble with today was that we were too cautious. If we do the same against Blackburn we could get punished. I'd take the risk and play Weimann; with the hat-tricks he's been getting lately he can't be bad. If Albrighton's still off form how about

Gabby  Ireland  Nzogbia


yeah but there is a cavern of difference between hat tricks at reserve level and goals at PL level.



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