Today is just what the doctor ordered for everyone, shows PL's style is working and working well, shows us our players can make the grade against a decent side and brings some positivity among the fans with it. I for one am one happy Villa.
Benteke is already my favourite Villan behind Vlaar and Clark

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Im delighted with the result and performance, it was quality we stopped a free scoring Swansea and made there midfield look average. Benteke looked great when he came on Westwood was lively. I can't think of any negatives to be honest 

Finally the crowd made some noise at times the atmosphere was really good and something we have'nt seen for too long.


Yeah that was great as long as we don't lose to Southampton the atmosphere at the West Brom game will be terrific 

Sorry guys, we have to lose to Southampton. No way are we allowed back-to-back victories. Against Swansea we disobeyed all the rules by getting too many players into the opposition half. We now have to lose at least three matches before we're allowed to go out to try to get the 0-0 draws we're all waiting for. And we've already used up 25% of the wins we're allowed this season.

it was great. crowd loudest iv heard since the derby 3 years back, an that was with 10000 short. still frustrates me people jeering an booing when we take our time building the play and not going forward 100mph, and when setting out an effective press idiots just shouting 'cmon villa, get into em!' but thats some of the best football we've played in a long time. Vlaar, Holman an El Ahmadi have changed the way we play almost single handedly, a CB who can bring the ball out an play a pass, even take the ball on sometimes, with two lively ballplayers in midfield. And Benteke... your title says it all. Like Carew with the best bits of Gabby an Ashley Young thrown in

When I was watching some of the build-up play I was thinking 'That's it steady passing' and 'If this was under McLeish it would be hoofed aimlesly' I was overjoyed with how much bravery we showed passing near the Swans box and not just whacking it and it payed off.  If we play like that week in week out we will be turning most teams over.



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