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The KrankenWagen1892 is available for anyone who wants it, as is the occasional glass of absinthe.

The Crusta-stun may be deployed if converstaion descends into wummery from those who should know better.


House Rules:


1. Keep it clean - our char only comes in occasionally, and she won't stand for any mess


2. Any mentions of John Terry, David N'Gog and Roy Hodgson are bound to be met with knowing looks and a witty riposte.


3. All journals, annuals, magazines and the like must be enjoyed on the premises. They are not to be taken away. This list includes but is not limited to Ferret-Fancier's Monthly, Caravanning in North Wales, Pumpkins, a Primer and Farm Machinery and You.



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Did he not watch Chelsea once before joining them? Did he not realise how slow they were when he was tearing them a new one at Anfield last season?


The more I think about Torres, the more I think he's had an alien probe installed when he was still with us...he went all funny, went off to Chelsea saying we didn't love him, and now it's just crazy talk! Poor fellah 

Hola Chaps. .


ToS - With regard to Torres.  He left us without a nod to the fans which is my only real problem with him. But then he couldn't seem to keep his gob shut. I did feel sorry for him at first as it's a shame to see a talent like his just seem to whither. Now I just wish he'd put up or shut up and give it a rest with the excuses as it is becoming embarrassing to everyone.


Ridiculously hot here hence we have had bad brush fires for about 48 hours. Several friends have been evacuated just the other side of the mountain from us and the water planes are flying over head constantly. So far the wind is keeping it at a distance from us but there is a lot of smoke and ash in the air. We've only had a total of 5 minutes rain on our garden since before June so everywhere is like a tinder box. Downside of life in the sun.




Oooh good luck to you and your house!  I couldn't live somewhere hot and dry, I like my fresh sea breezes too much
mrschalky - hope the fires stay away from you.  We've had the tail end of the wind from hurricane Katia - a few trees over in the area but it seems to be settling down now. Did you know wishi had left? Just found out from TOS!!
Why has Wishi gone?
Didn't see the comment because it had been deleted before I saw it, but the notification email gave this as the preview of the comment,

" Ta-ra, everyone, I'm doing one.

I like this site, but it's run by united supporters for united supporters. There isn't much input from Liverpool fans on here. We get caught up in united hype, and i..."
Wishi's pretty emotional in her support, maybe most of us are too equanimous for her?  If someone just wants to debate Liverpool then this definitely is not the site for that currently.  Surprised she deleted her account though?  I've been out and about debating football since the season started rather than coming online, but I still pop on and have a read/comment sometimes even though I'm not really active.  Shame.
Knowing wishi from 606 I don't think it will be the equanimity of the particular Liverpool fans on here that will have upset her, nor would she have thought this site was a good place for just debating Liverpool, there must have been somehting else, which as you say is a shame because she is the best writer by far I've come across on these type of forums [StJohn isn't bad either ;-) ]   Maybe she has another book coming out!

Obviously, we could do with some more but I think there are enough Liverpool fans on here to have a debate, it just takes time because we're not all on at the same time.


Don't understand why someone would delete their account though.  Why not just not log in for a while?

I'm going to miss wishi for sure, however this isn't the first time a decent liverpool poster has left the forum, deleting their account, MITO kind of disappeared too.

I forgot to mention that I quite enjoyed watching the Vuelta this year - I am not so very familiar with Spain, so it was nice to see some of the regions 'on display' as it were. Having said that, there was a LOT of bleak and unforgiving country early in the race, and yeah, it looked far too hot for my pasty white skin.



What has Torres said that is so wrong? If he said there are some older and slower players at Chelsea so Mata brings new life then what's wrong with that?


I feel the Drogba-Terry-Lampard committee have had a say in how seriously Villas Boas is taking this.



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