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This is a discussion page for serious and not-so-serious chat, opinion, truculent rants, amusing asides and the cooling balm that comes from all things Liverpool FC.

Banter = good


The KrankenWagen1892 is available for anyone who wants it, as is the occasional glass of absinthe.

The Crusta-stun may be deployed if converstaion descends into wummery from those who should know better.


House Rules:


1. Keep it clean - our char only comes in occasionally, and she won't stand for any mess


2. Any mentions of John Terry, David N'Gog and Roy Hodgson are bound to be met with knowing looks and a witty riposte.


3. All journals, annuals, magazines and the like must be enjoyed on the premises. They are not to be taken away. This list includes but is not limited to Ferret-Fancier's Monthly, Caravanning in North Wales, Pumpkins, a Primer and Farm Machinery and You.



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Never. I don't think.


Is it just me who has ventured outside of the smiley four? There's a whole selection. 

I use the others more often than the four.  I am at work and someone was waiting to speak to me

We do have someone else who looks at post where I'm involved.  However, when you get a member who joins and right from their very first comment they go on the attack it's clear they have an agenda. When they then lie about losing a father at Hillsborough as part of making a point then it's too far in my opinion.


Literally 50% of their comments were shit stirring attempts. They wouldn't have lasted half as long on another forum.


Could you point me to a situation where you feel Sport Witness hasn't been objective.

Thanks for letting us know


I suppose with so few Reds on here we'd notice a couple of members leaving. It's good to get an explanation rather than leaving us to think they've been dropped down the memory hole.

leaving us to think they've been dropped down the memory hole


Wonder if he said hi to Torres...?  

What gives?  What did Wishi say to upset TCIR so much?

Hi All,

Wishi asked me to say goodbye on her behalf and say sorry.

She did not really give me any details just asked me to post her message on this thread. She said she did post here telling everyone but when she closed her account all the messages disappeared.


Got to say, I am sorry Wishi felt she had to leave but is there really the need for the massive (over) reaction?  I like Wishi, did on 606 too, but if she as chosen to leave, so be it, her choice and good luck to her.
Yup Her decision. That should be it.

I still don't know why Wishi went or the full circs of MITO's departure. Seems to be a lot of decent posters leaving which is disappointing to be honest. I haven't been as regular a poster here as I was on 606 so may have missed something in the mix. I am no wiser with TCIR's post regarding "dontgochangin" et al. I wasn't even aware that TCIR was the creator/founder of SW so you learn something everyday.


At the risk of being shot down in flames I miss 606. I rarely got involved in the WUM baiting or biting. My interest has generally been to use the forum to chat with Liverpool supporters. I only ever visited other team boards with regard to cross team issues, respect comments or similar reasons. Re-aquainting myself with Derek at the moment and finding old friends. Mulling things in general.

I think Gerrez is correct in that the navel gazing is going a bit far. Use Sport Witness, use somewhere else, use everywhere, be a forum whore, but the talking about it becomes tiresome I think. Like people say, this is supposed to be a sports forum, I only posted what I did as I felt I had to.


The user in question is now going about forums proclaiming it was a miscarriage of justice and saying it was someone else in his house, that old chestnut, but to be honest I don't care and think the time of chatting about it has passed.


Use SW or don't, but we should all drop the navel gazing methinks. Anyway, football...

How does that stand then?  You say you can check IP addresses and you don't want to see multiple user accounts, but what if there are two or more people in the same house that wish to be part of SW?  Noone else in my house, just wondering.



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