We're back, and more belligerent than ever.


This is a discussion page for serious and not-so-serious chat, opinion, truculent rants, amusing asides and the cooling balm that comes from all things Liverpool FC.

Banter = good


The KrankenWagen1892 is available for anyone who wants it, as is the occasional glass of absinthe.

The Crusta-stun may be deployed if converstaion descends into wummery from those who should know better.


House Rules:


1. Keep it clean - our char only comes in occasionally, and she won't stand for any mess


2. Any mentions of John Terry, David N'Gog and Roy Hodgson are bound to be met with knowing looks and a witty riposte.


3. All journals, annuals, magazines and the like must be enjoyed on the premises. They are not to be taken away. This list includes but is not limited to Ferret-Fancier's Monthly, Caravanning in North Wales, Pumpkins, a Primer and Farm Machinery and You.



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STAT OF THE CENTURY - So today marks the 8000th day since the last time Liverpool won the last league title.
Mega Stat -
Since January 2011, Fernando Torres has had more managers than PL goals.

Gerrez has become a good member on the site I came from, things are going a bit wrong there so he may be back.

Not whilst all this advertising keeps getting thrown in my face!  And yes, i realise the irony in me making this comment too



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