well this looks to be the first wrestling post on good old Sport Witness!


how many fans do we have on here?


After Extreme Rules 3 titles changed hands and only 1 heel win during the event.

Also Kharma made her debut and wow is she a big girl! awsome music and should shake a few of the "divas" up.


RAW the following night had new champ John Cena v The Miz and Miz won the match and lost it again after having the result overturned. I thought i liked Cena but found myself quite content that Miz appeared to win the title again after A-Ry destracted the ref and Miz hit Cena with the title. but Miz did not get rid of the belt so when he stood up the ref saw what had happened and overturned the result!


I did however enjoy the match overall, however the RAW show overall was poor with most of it being taken up with the rock's birthday! i wanna see wrestling not some bloke repeating the sam catchphrases over and over!


another thing was Cena mad the match between him and Rock at WM28 a title match!

does this mean that he will keep the strap until then?


this article is really to kick off the wrestling debate on this site.


look forward to hearing from you!


much love


i am putting this on the other football page for the moment as i am hoping a more relevant page could be opened soon?

thecityisred i'm looking at you! :)

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