Yes! €30m Fabregas move to Manchester United now approved by two sets of Barcelona supporters

Barcelona fans have yet again overwhelmingly backed selling Cesc Fabregas to Manchester United. First Catalan newspaper Sport asked their readers if the sale should happen and 80% of 16,619 said yes. That was followed by Catalan newspaper Mundo Deportivo being more direct and asking 'Would you sell Cesc Fabregas to Manchester United for €30m?' and again 80%, this time of 6807 voters so far, said 'Yes!'.

These responses are likely to paint a true picture of the feeling among Barcelona fans toward Cesc Fabregas. Sport and Mundo Deportivo are Catalonia publications and biased toward that market, therefore it's unlikely the vote has been hijacked by Real Madrid fans.

Comments from supporters on the matter include calling Fabregas a trouble maker, saying he doesn't fit into the Barcelona team and that hasn't been prepared to give it his all in training.

The bad feeling toward Fabregas has been reported throughout Spain and El Confidencial, like others, say it dates to when he left Barcelona for Arsenal as a youngster. They also point out that, according to their information, Fabregas has twice turned down Real Madrid in his career and so deserves some respect from his fellow Catalans for that.

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