Yes I am really on a permanent high after 2 wins scoring 8 goals ! - no its not the ouzo !

Have we really turned the corner or has the clown seen the error of his ways only to revert to his normality

this weekend ? - even he must have seen some positives with team selection & tactics ?? No maybe not he is too set in his negative philosophy to understand ?

Roll on next match - a good win & a good excuse to give the ouzo a bashing - with mezee of course !

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Take care - higher up you are the harder you fall!

Big test. Bristol C are an average side with a good manager who is capable of scheming another team's downfall if they let him.

Still not convinced by Bruce. Hope he proves me wrong.

If he gets this one wrong he may still pay the price.

Cmon McP why so negative ?

I have never been convinced with Brucie's attitude to management but lets enjoy the fact that we have scored 8 goals & won

Are you predicting an away win?? Surely not!!

The boss keeps telling the players that we cannot win away from home!!!!

Still I'm hopeful as always, I'll take a sneaky 1-0, we have to keep a clean sheet soon.

Me? Negative? Funny thing is I'm normally over-positive about our managers. Spent some time hoping that McLeish had hidden sparks of positive, attractive, football, before accepting that he didn't. Despite never wholly being convinced by Lambert and critical of some of his actions, I backed him until into his final season it was obvious he'd run out of ideas. I thought Sherwood should have been given longer. I thought Garde was doing OK in an awful situation, until after being shafted by Lerner with no money for transfers it was obvious he was in an impossible situation. Never happy about Black being in temporary charge I must admit. Definitely thought RDM should have been given longer.

So why can't I be positive about Bruce? Maybe I know too much about his past record. Maybe I'm tired of hearing the same old, same old in his conferences, including his negative comments on his players. Maybe it's his obsession with signing players, in particular ageing pros, when maybe a different manager would get more out of his existing squad. Maybe it's because I can't see any vision in the way he assembles teams; three right-wingers if we sign Snodgrass!

Two very good results; did they come from Bruce, or did his coaches push him into it?

I'm positive, very positive, about the players we've got. Just can't see Bruce as the right manager for them. So can't help thinking there's another bad performance around the corner.

Got to agree with much of what you've said, we have been on a roller coaster of a journey in the last few years. In particular agree about Bruce I hope he gets us up and we then move him on and he lives in Portugal happy ever after.

Don't get the signings another midfielder/winger and it seems he is playing three at the back tonight with Samba joining JT and Chester.

What do I know anyway.

A win tonight will give me confidence that we really can get back to the prem.
Interesting formation tonight. Clearly trying to stop conceding but hope it still allows us to attack. All square at half time.
And as I write that it seems we have changed formation back to 442 as we were getting dominated! Apparently we are the better team since so fingers crossed!!

I felt we should have won. I didn't think we were dominated at all in the first half. Samba did well, but was subbed at half time, looked like an injury as he had an ice bag on his knee. Bree did well when he came on.

One good sign was that when we went a goal down we hit back quickly and were the better side in the last 15 mins.

2 points dropped and we need to win away soon or it will come back to haunt us.

Boring International break now, hopefully get a few injured players fit.

Onwards and upwards....... 

How much time should a manager get?  A draw was not a good result. With the players we have we should have been able to control the match and pop in the odd 2 or 3 goals to clinch it. Full marks to Lee Johnson for getting the most out of his side, but let's face it we are far stronger, at least on paper. We were value for money in our previous two matches; we should have continued the same approach. Playing away from home shouldn't come into it.

So far, P5 W1 D2 L2. 5 points out of a possible 15. Relegation form. I wonder how much patience the Dr has; it must be sorely tested at the moment. Wouldn't be too surprised if he pulls the trigger.

why did he change the winning line up from last Saturday?

why does he still not know what formation works?

why did he change the formation after last weeks win against Norwich which to me are a better team than Bristol City?

How can players gain confidence when he keeps dropping them to mess with styles and systems and yes this has been going on since he came now, almost 12 months on.

That was another game we should of won but due to Bruce tinker bell, we fall short again.

As McParland writes 5 points from 15 is relegation form big time. This is not good enough with the squad we have.

I still believe he got lucky with the forced changes he had to make prior to the Norwich game, from fan pressure otherwise he would of stuck with a dull poor squad selection/playing style.

Just don't get why he got so arrogant and changed it to 3 centre backs, 2 pensioners included, with a negative style again tonight.

He only took Samba off because he got a knock otherwise it would of been Desperate again.

2 points dropped again from me rather than a point gained.

I really hoped he had turned a corner but for me he proved again he hasn't a clue on how to work with this squad that now has Snograss added to its quality.

little fish lost in a big pond manager.

Just caught his post match interview, he is a muppet, I don't understand his tactics or planning at all. He said we are 5 points off where we should be which would give us 11 out of 18 REALLY IS THAT HIS AMBITION ??
We've played 5 games so it would be 10 out of 15 which would put us 4th. We'd all be pretty happy with that. September is going to be huge for us as all the games are winnable. If we can put a run together then we could be looking pretty healthy.

I think he'll now stick to the same formations, either 442 or 4231 which suit our squad best. Once Kodjia and Jedi are back we have good competition for most places - just a bit weak in central defence really.



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