10 months is a loooooong time in football, anything can happen. What seems inevitable is the end of Fabio Capello's reign as England manager. The search for his successor looks to be a short one with every pundit, journo and most fans adressing the contract envolopes to Mr Redknapp of North London.


Is he your man?


Redknapp is a rare breed of 'media darling' within the world of football. Always ready and willing to give frank and honest answers to the press, which may come in handy should he get the job.


Why are there so little candidates out there, is it because the FA have narrowed the search to only English candidates? Does the next manager really have to be English?


I would prefer Stuart Pearce, the next generation are starting to come through into the seniors squad (a squad that will surely lose more seniors after the Euros), so who better than their U21 mentor. He has though, ruled himself out citing lack of expierience which can be understood.


So, who would like to take charge for WC Brazil '14 and beyond?

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International football requires a tactician.  You can't buy players to suit your system, you have to pick a system that suits the players you have available.


The manager of the England national team needs to be able to deal with the media, he needs to have a good rapport with them, keep them onside if you will.


The England manager has to be a motivator too since we seem to have what are considered top players that never actual perform on the international scene.


What manager fits all three of these...?  I'm not sure that man exists.  Who are the candidates and how do they match up (marks out of ten):


                                        Tactician     Media      Motivator     Total

Harry Redknapp                      6             10               8             24

Arsene Wenger                       7              6                6            19

Sam Alladyce                         5              6                6             17

Martin O'Neill                          6              8                9             23

Stuart Pearce                         6               7               10            23

Rafa Benitez...?                      9               5               6             20

Jose Mourinho...?                   9               8                8             25


Anyone got anyone else to add...?


IMO, Redknapp is the best English candidate.

So Pearce is a better motivator than Mourinho?


Anyway, keeping the media onside isn't all that important. It's all about results - beat Croatia 4-1 and you're a genius, draw 0-0 with Algeria and you're clueless. That's the nature of the job.


All the best nations go with managers from their own countries so I can see why some think England should too. There's just a lack of top class English managers at the minute. Redknapp's the best and Hodgson's probably second best.


IMO Pearce hasn't really achieved much in management. If I were English I'd probably prefer Allardyce or Bruce to him.



To be fair, motivation generally depends on the type of player in question.  Some players need a arm around the shoulder, others react better to shouting etc.   The reason I said Pearce above Mourinho is because of Stuart's passion, passion for the national team especially.  He also speaks English has his first language.  But I get your point 

My vote would go to Harry Rednap too.

I would give him a 9 for Motivator - he always seems to get the best out of his players.

He is also very patriotic - something not mentioned by anyone yet, but I think it's important.  Whilst I don't agree with Jamie Carragher that it's "cheating" if the England manager is not English - it's the same rule for every country and each is free to select a manager from anywhere - I think it is preferable.

'Arry would certainly be able to deal with the different 'foibles' of his players, have their respect and take us as far as we are able to go in World Football.  Hopefully, all the way!



I really don't know who I'd like to see succeed Capello... Most people think that he has to be british/english and fair enough, but at the same time we want the best candidate possible. What has Redknapp won at club level that comes anywhere close to a world cup, or is this not relevant? Similarly, does club success translate over to international football? Well, not for me, and Capello kinda proves this. Ideally we want someone british with international experience or at least someone who has won lots at club level, not sure this guy exists though.

At the moment the obvious choice would probably be Harry Redknapp because other than Harry, there really isn't any other English candidates who stand out for me but I'm not sure that Harry is the right man for the job because although he's a great motivator and as patriotic as he may be, I don't think he's a great manager as far as tactics are concerned although he would probably be better than Capello in that department because let's face it, Capello hasn't proved to be a great tactician during his time in charge of the national team.


I don't know if it's set in concrete that the next England manager has to be English but surely the next England manager should be the best man possible for the job, whether he's English or not should be irrelevant. As to who the best candidate would be, I've no idea.



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