I've been away.
So if this has been a hot topic recently - I apologize.

I was just curious what everyone thought about Morrison and Pogba? Great prospects and ones for the future, along with Tunnicliffe. Which brings me to the point i'm trying to raise.

Would you keep Pogba and Morrison and give them the odd 10 minutes here and there, and play them in the Carling Cup. Or, send them to the Championship to a team like Peterborough?? Or even better (yet highly unlikely) send them the way of a team like, Norwich, QPR or Swansea?

It's a tricky one for me, sending them off to the Championship never tends to be a good thing in these times. It's not often a player is loaned out to a lower league club these days, then comes back to his parent club and manages to get a first team place, is it? 

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I don't really know what to think until they get some first team football, either with us or out on loan.

I mean, even Ajose, scored lots on loan last year but then got sold. Granted league 2 isn't the greatest standard but still.

Also to make matters even more confusing when trying to determine whether a player is good or just good for his level, Morrison and Pogba still play in the Youth side and are not reserve team regulars... Youth football is not great compared to the PL, nowhere near. I think both need a year or 6 months in the reserves, see how they do, then according to that, loan them or give them a go in the first team.

Why not send one of them to arsenal, their midfielders seem to be dropping like flies,


I think its more important for them to be around the first team before they go off on loan, abit like cleverly and welbeck did, otherwise they may pick up bad habits and loose the winning mentality SAf puts into our team. They may get complacent listening to a soft manager who doesnt demand 110% like someone like martinez or houllier. I would like them to stay in the premierleague, as it shows their true capabilites rather then play alongside some part timers in league 2.

Macheda and welbeck were handed their premier league debuts when they were 17, and i think so were kieron richardson and fletcher. So the fact that they weren't even given a cup run against crawley worried me a little. Still in Fergie i trust as he knows what is good for the club and its players.

The ajose situation seems crazy as we sold a youngster who had done well during his loan spell for just 300k. 

We seem to be doing alot of that lately - selling decent players on for the smallest of fee's. More recently with Ajose and Oshea quoted at 3 million, then going back to Pique for 5 million and Rossi and Ruud for 10 million. Not forgetting Heinze to Madrid for 6 million
were they not at other clubs playing first team football?

RVN, Rossi, Forlan all went on to become top scorers too.

brown is ok for 5m as he hasn't played regularly and has had injury problems, O'shea can play anywhere in defence and would play atlest 60-75% of our games so i think we should ask for 10m.

i too am sick as we buy expensive and sell cheap. Recently when banega was linked to us it was for 18-20m, but i heard that Inter had made an initial bid of 9m for them. Similar with VDV when we showed interest it was 20m but tot bought him for 8m.

thats the nature of the beast - when ur a massive club people know you have more cash - so naturally they try and squeeze it out of you


and same if you're a tiny club but owned by a multi-bulti-squillionaire

I think City are finding that out right now while trying to offload some of their "unwanted" players. Teams just aren't willing to pay the wages players like Bellamy, Bridge, SWP et al are getting so the only viable solution is to let them go for low fees to get them off the wage bill.
serves them right too.:)



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