Designer Wanted

Sport Witness are looking to double in size over the next year, just as we have over the past year. We currently have a new website being built and whilst the boring work on that has started, we realise we need a new look.

If our current logo makes you wonder if any of us have working eyes, then we’re on the same page. We’re looking for a freelance designer to create us a new look.

Starting with a new logo, we want a brand identity which fits Sport Witness. Any logo has to be completely bespoke and usable in a variety of formats including online, video and print.

The designer will also be tasked with revamping our social media look and generally freshening everything up ready for further growth.

We want to start a long term relationship with a talented freelance designer who could then go on to work for us on projects including graphics, vines, football merchandise and report design. 

Any applicant must be experienced in design and be able to back that up. We’d like to see a variety of work of a high standard. Whether previous work was paid or conceptual is irrelevant, we want to see your best.

Please send an application with information about yourself, current and previous work, and what you feel you could do for Sport Witness. Examples of work can either be sent by attachment or, better, by link.

Mark your email ‘Designer Application’

This is of course a paid role and we’re only interested in applications from people who feel their work is accomplished enough to help us move forward. Applicants must have an interest in football, or future projects would likely be difficult.  

Closing Date for Applications: Wednesday October 14th. 

We’re an impatient lot so the sooner you can get something to us the better.


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