UPDATED: 25/09/2013

Hard work has enabled us to build Sport Witness to a level where we can take on paid writers on a freelance basis and help them get on a ladder of paid work. We need you to have experience and articles we can read to judge if your work is right for this section. This doesn't have to be paid experience and can simply be a blog you've been keeping updated. 

We want eye catching as well as interesting articles and these are usually more popular when they relate to top Premier League clubs and players. Transfers are very popular so knowledge on players linked with Premier League moves, and background on the reporting always helps. Match reports and previews aren't really our thing, there are enough of those out there already.

It's always informative to tell people something they don't already know and if you have specific expertise on players in a certain league then that's always going to be helpful. 

If you feel your work could help Sport Witness continue to grow then please send an email to and tell us a bit about yourself. Link articles you have recently written and give us some ideas of what you think you could do for us.

All positions are freelance and this isn't ever going to be a full time job. Would best suit those who write about football anyway and think it's about time they got a little money for it. There are no commitments and no pressure to file work other than when you want to, we don't want forced writing. 

We have over 800,000 unique visitors monthly and are continuing to grow. We already attract top level advertising and sponsorship and we think Sport Witness is a good opportunity for many writers out there.

It's impossible to take everyone on so don't be disappointed if we turn you down, your work may simply suit other outlets better.

Good luck!

These are our main current opportunities:

German Speaking Bundesliga Writer

You need to know the league very well and the players within it, not just those who play for the big clubs. A knowledge of youngsters coming through would help you as you try to make sense of transfer rumours relating to them. A good knowledge of the German media and ability to speak the language will certainly help. 

Dutch Speaking Writer on Netherlands and Belgium

Premier League clubs are often linked to players in both the Eredivisie and Jupiler Pro league, we want a Dutch speaker who can help us get background on stories and inform our readers about players they may have heard little of. 

Email regarding both opportunities. 



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