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February Competition - Win a Sport Witness T-Shirt of your choice.

The writer whose article gets the most unique views during the month of Ferbruary will win a  t-shirt of their choice from our shop.


This is open to anyone except those directly involved in the management of Sport Witness.  All writers will automatically be entered. 

Writing for Sport Witness

As Sport Witness grows we're on the look out for the very best in new football writing that we can share with the world.  We know most of our users are here to chat, debate and read the opinions of others but are also aware that there's some bright sparks out there who are a little more serious about their sports writing.


We're happy to help give you a wider audience.  Sport Witness receives over 10,000 views each day and you could have these people reading your work.

Important: We have recently been accepted onto the NewsNow network which means more people can see your articles. So we consider your article for submission to this network, you will need to make it as an article and not a blog and let us know when you've published it. 


The following are questions that we've imagined are rolling about your brain right now:


What can I write about?


Sport.  Any aspect of sport.  From Premier League players to Bog Snorkeling, if it's connected to sport then it can find a home on Sport Witness.  The style is of your choice so whether you're straight laced and serious or a bit of a joker then it's all welcome.


What standard does it have to be?


Well we have the general debating boards for casual articles so we're looking for something decent.  You don't have to stress over it too much just more along the lines of 'Is Howard Webb really the best there is?' rather than '10 reasons Howard Webb is a nob head'.


Nothing attacking sports clubs in an abusive way or anything like that please.


How will my efforts be published?


Sign up as a member and write your article, once finished let us know by emailing info@sportwitness.co.uk and we'll get them featured for you. We'll push them on Twitter and elsewhere and basically try our best to get the best work seen the most.


If it's of a regular basis you want to write on, for example a weekly column, then send us an email with some examples of your work and we'll see what we can do.


What's in it for me?


Aside from seeing your work featured, you'll be building up a body of articles which will help should you want to take your writing further. Sport Witness is continuing to grow and the exposure your work receives will not only give you a warm glow inside but be useful for your writing.


So if you want to give it a go then please do so, any questions can be directed to info@sportwitness.co.uk


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