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The FA Get It Right - Well Sort Of!

So, John Terry won’t be England captain at the European Championships in the summer.

No great surprise really. Once the Court date was reconvened for after the tournament, it was largely expected that the FA would feel his position as captain was untenable and few would disagree. But the big question is have they gone far enough?

Before those aboard the “innocent until proven guilty” bandwagon jump up, please answer me this. If you were accused of racism in your place…


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The Road to Superbowl XLVI: Pre-Game Preview

Having sat disconsolate the last time I wrote about the NFL, I thought it was about time to build bridges, mend a broken heart and crack on with things.

For this weekend brings Superbowl XLVI.

As you know by now, I'm a staunch San Francisco 49ers fan, and we were sadly beaten (or threw it away...) two weeks ago by the New York Giants in the NFC…


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Controversy: 3 Case Studies (Beckham, Rooney & Cantona)

“Certain super-major events come to dominate the headlines to such an extent that is becomes temporarily difficult for columnists and commentators to discuss anything else” (Andrews, 2001: 143)

 Controversy is rife in most sports worldwide, but none more so than in football, ranging from mindless violence, tears, and death threats. Although some of these aspects, or all of them could be passed off as in the ‘heat of the moment’, or through the pure passion of those individuals,…


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The Commodification of Celebrity Culture

‘The influence of celebrity has been especially pronounced on certain kinds of media products (Turner, 2006: 487)

It is not so uncommon to see your favourite sport star or favourite entertainment star on the front of a magazine cover, or on the front pages of a newspaper with the mass media that is now readily available to consumers including: TV, Radio, Magazines, Newspapers, and the Internet, which are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in some cases. Therefore, this chapter…


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Football as a Business

‘Money generated through professional sport, international sports competitions, and the televising of major sports events is both substantial and increasing’ (Gratton, 2000: 3)

The emergence and history of “super-rich” footballers is not a long standing issue in the sport, yet more revenue has been streaming into football clubs, leagues and to the players themselves over the past decade. This chapter will discuss and offer an analysis on the contentious issues of football as a…


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The Over-Bearing Importance of Pride

Football offers much more to the Premiership stars than just money, it offers pride, emotion but also fear. It is a game of many highs but consists of very low points of an individual’s career. This is when the ‘beautiful game’ becomes less about the money and more about the game itself, as Premiership players who play for their country show pride and passion as they sing the national anthems of their respective countries. Also in high profile games the players seem to be more involved with…


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Contentious Issues Surrounding Footballer's Wages

Football is a widely watched form of entertainment, with a high emphasis on raw talent, emotion and of course money. Many males base their whole life around the sport, and many children of the younger generation look up to such footballers like David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo and John Terry. However such role models are not all they seem, they are not so clean cut as they may appear on the football field.

 The issue of wages is widely reported in the British press in a negative…


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SportWitness Betting Blog - 4/5th Feb 2012






Arsenal (6) v …


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Last Chance Saloon for John Terry?

In a season that has seen racism return to the limelight of English football, John Terry has this week pleaded not guilty against a racially-aggravated public order offence for an alleged racial slur during a match last October. The date for the trial has been set for 9thJuly.

The accusation came after a video of John Terry, appearing to use…


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Real Madrid: Sergio Ramos dilemma & Ronaldo winning heart

For a while forget about ‘that’ rant. Forget about the training ground bust up with his ‘boss’ that caused ruckus in Spanish media and further led many English journalists speculate about Jose Mourinho’s future at the Bernabeu. Sergio Ramos has been the pillar of strength for Los Blancos in their present campaign. Under the Portuguese, Madrid has become one of the best, if not the best, counter-attacking team in the world. However, defence has been exposed many a times this season,…


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