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Did he really Pirrr or did we just pay the penalty

The dust has settled on another Quarter Final defeat. It has become a bloody bad habit.

I have heard so many why's and why not's about Englands demise on Sunday night, so I thought I would throw my opinion in the hat. 

First of all Roy.

I ranted and raved about what a cataclysmic error it was to appoint him as manager. Well maybe some humble pie has to be taken. 

In his role with the press,he has been nothing short of excellent. Something his predecessors,…


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The games ARE coming..You may aswell enjoy them...

Many a furrowed brow has been beaten in the run up to the London games...some of which could be considered legitmate concerns - costs spiralling out of control, masses of steel & concrete left abandonned at the end of the ceremonies etc...and a lot that could be put down to chin wagging tut-tuting bo**cks such as more people on trains & a…


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The SPL Will Survive

Say No to Newco

On 4th July the SPL face a crucial vote on whether the admit the new formed The Rangers Football Club into their league, or to promote Dundee and consign Rangers to the Scottish Football League's third division.

The rules governing these penalties for liquidation were changed last month so that there would be a vote in Rangers future instead of the automatic relegation that was in place previously. So why do the SPL want different rules for Rangers? The… Continue

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Notes on a draw - England versus France

England playing France in the opening game of Group D had the feeling of a redemptive catharsis after the ignominies of the 2010 World Cup; the two worst losers from that tournament pitted against one another as new orders took competitive shape. France were inevitably the more creative, thrusting side but England's schooling by their new coach was palpable and, much to Roy Hodgson's credit, they…


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Racism: Hysteria and Hypocrisy

It's a good thing that racism is being discussed prominently in the public discourse. And it doesn't surprise me that the root of the discussion is from football. Football, and sport in general, provides a unique microcosm of societies and communities. Society can often progress from something that happens in football way more than it can from something that goes into the statute books. 

Sadly, the discussion has started because of recent events that have suggested…


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Can the Euros restore beauty to the increasingly ugly game?

The World Cup Finals may be football’s most watched showpiece event on the planet but there can be little doubt which one is the most difficult to win. Not even the threat of far-right extremist hooligans, as exposed in the BBC’s recent Panorama programme on the European Championships host nations Poland and the Ukraine, can remove the excitement generated by the one…


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Hodgson's Short Reign: An Evaluation

As the nation celebrates the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, a reign of sixty years, a new tenure is taking place in England's national football team. Roy Hodgson's rule is only in its infancy - he hasn't even reached sixty days yet, but already the experienced manager has had to make a host of key decisions. With the European Championships less than a week away, it seems a good time to evaluate Hodgson's judgements and predict England's fate in the forthcoming tournament.

Hodgson's first…


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Liverpool can look to build a new era under Rodgers

It’s a new beginning at Anfield and a very positive one. Liverpool owners have finally found their man. Replacing a club icon is never easy, but in Brendan Rodgers, who has agreed to sign a three-year contract, the club sees a young man with a vision in eye and commitment to attractive football.

It is a smart move from FSG (Fenway Sports Group), the Liverpool owners, who rested their faith on a long-term project while appointing the ex-Reading man.…


Added by Saikat Mandal on June 1, 2012 at 17:30 — No Comments

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