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A stroll in the park, Willo takes a late lead and a lesson to be learned.

Heswall 1 - 3 Maghull

Saturday 19th April 2014 kick off 3pm

A strange kind of game took place yesterday. The hosts, last seasons league champions, had been relegated and were now playing for pride. The newly crowned champions, were merely fulfilling fixtures. So not a lot to play for.

But a stylish display by Maghull, made it a pleasure to watch.

In all fairness, if they had been in need of ten goals, they could probably have scored them, thus was the…


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Back on their perch.

Some of us have been fortunate enough to go and watch the team we support play football. Some can only dream of it, while following games unfold on television, radio, or live text updates.

None of us expect to die in the pursuit of the unique feeling of seeing your team win a match.

As a lifelong Manchester United fan, I don't particularly like Liverpool Football Club. And it's fair to say that, at times, I feel pure hatred for them.

But on these days, when the…


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A mish mash of a side,the boss on the beach and a dress rehearsal

West Kirby 0 - 4 Maghull

Monday 14th April 2014 kick off 6.30pm

Well, well, well, what did we have here.

Youth team regulars playing, Paul Jackson as a stand in left back, Danny Dillon in goal and the welcome return of Lee McConchie after 6 months out with injury.

And a much appreciated guard of honour by West Kirby for the newly crowned league champions.

But it took only a minute, for the Champions to show they had not took their foot…


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Maghull 4-1 Ashville

Saturday 29th March 2014  kick off 3pm




How, on earth, am I supposed to write about what happened yesterday !

Wax lyrical ?

I do not have the literary prowess, to do Saturday 29th March 2014 justice, for Maghull Football Club.

Heroes all round, came to the fore. From the Chairman…


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Another stumble, back to normality and a point away from history

Cammell Lairds Reserves 2 - 5 Maghull

Saturday 22nd March 2014 kick off 3pm

The boss promised a reaction and we got one... but it did take another sloppy and mediocre 45 minutes to bring it about. And no doubt a few rattling of sabres in the dressing room at half time.

To be fair, Maghull did not start too badly. Took the game to the hosts and though not carving them open, did bring about two top quality saves from the Lairds keeper in the first half. But…


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Wakey wakey lads, an awful day at the office and two weeks to become heroes.

Christleton 1 - 0 Maghull

Saturday 15th March 2013 kick off 3pm

First of all, sorry Phil, but after yesterday and today, thought this had to be the pic. (Pic is on maghullfc site, for those reading on my blog)

The warning signs had been there. Some sloppy performances in the past few weeks culminated in a shocker. One step forward all those who felt they put in a shift yesterday. Only two should bother, who shall remain nameless.

I used a line, after…


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A stroll gone wrong, when not to pass and Pirlo nearly got throttled.

Capenhurst Villa 2-2 Maghull  Maghull win 4-3 on penalties

Wirral Senior Cup

Saturday 8th March 2013 kick off 2pm

Pushing on two years ago, I was told to get more involved in sports, again, after my dance with the devil. Yesterday, you very nearly had me meeting him again. Don't ever do that again, more on that later.

On a pitch, that had more in common with a harvest festival, than footballing activities, it stood out that Maghulls normal…


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Three more points, a bit of a nightmare, but the sun returned

Maghull 1-0 Newton 

Saturday 1st March 2013 kick off 3pm

I will find it hard to say much about this game. I don't think anyone could say much about it to be honest.

It had all the quality and gusto of a meaningless, end of season affair. But this game did have meaning, three very important points where up for grabs.

On a lovely sunny day, the newly found bright weather seemed to throw the players into some sort of strange lull. And…


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Another huge step, sixty seconds of madness, but the right result.

Maghull 3-2 Hale

Saturday 8th February 2014 kick off 2pm

The English weather is certainly doing it's best, to cause maximum chaos to the West Cheshire League fixtures this winter. Luckily, Maghull has a pitch that can cope, with all the constant rain of these past six to eight weeks.

So yesterday, we had a game on.

Before I go any further, the scoreline makes this game look like a close one. Only the incorrect sending off of Steve King, made the game a bit…


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A glue pot, a bad day for football, but the lads have the legs !

Maghull 2-1 Heswall

Saturday 11th January 2014 kick off 2pm

I am back... stop groaning, but thanks for the get well stuff etc... now, to the important stuff.

Can we start hoping, that the weather takes a turn for the better and that the pitches on the Wirral dry up, after another bout of seemingly waterlogged grounds, stopped any league matches across the water.

In, what the bookies would describe as, a home banker, the conditions played a…


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Short and sweet, a big lead and lots of ouchyness

Southport Trinity 1-2 Maghull

Saturday 4th January 2014 kick off 3pm

I wasn't present, so I cannot really comment on the proceedings. Just go on the minuscule of texts peeps sent me during the game. And being told to sit down and rest as my stitches will burst.

Maghull went a goal down early on.

Apparently quite sloppy...don't blame the messenger, this time lads.

A jinxy run, typical of Jay McGrane, brought about the equaliser. Colin McDonald…


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The media's obsession with Fergie lives on

It’s amazing how much a pensioner sitting in Row Z is becoming a potential reason why David Moyes is floundering in his first few months at Manchester United.

The British press, egos still wounded by being treated for years with unheard of irreverence, are going after the man who now has no means of rebuttal, laying blame at his door for the demise of the club he led peerlessly for over 20 years.

There are two main accusations that are getting more and more column inches.…


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A different kind of shambles, the fading light and keeping the blues happy

Maghull 4-2 Mallaby

Saturday 28th December 2013 kick off 2pm

Well, at least it was nice to get a game played. Though some parties did their utmost, to make sure it was a football match remembered for all the wrong reasons. The first minute brought a sign of what was to come !

A free kick was chipped into the box, Colin McDonald was pushed down, the referee waved play on. As our lost genius, David Coleman, would have said "Quite remarkable"

Too many…


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Tedium, a long ninety minutes and no need for sleeping draught

Maghull 2-0 Upton AA

Saturday 14th December 2013 kick off 2pm

Earlier in the season, it was mentioned that the reports were becoming, maybe, a little too long. Of all these thing's that i've done, this one took all my will and endeavour, to actually write.

To say, that there was more interest in what was happening at the Etihad, is an understatement. And not a blonde to be seen when needed. So let's cut to the quick and do what is necessary.



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A difficult task, a damn cold day and getting the job done.

Maghull 2-0 Chester Nomads

Saturday 7th December 2013 kick off 2pm

It is a very difficult job to make much of Saturdays game, it felt like a huge non event. Maybe after the huge games in the previous two weeks, a lull was to be expected. Well, this was a game, purely for insomniacs.

With a vast array of talent at his disposal (and some still on the injured list) Phil Stafford will probably now have his hardest work of the season in front of him. By keeping…


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BMT, a turning point and it's still too early lads.

Maghull 4-0 South Liverpool

Saturday 30th November 2013 kick off 2pm

Was this really a title decider ! While we are still in November ?

After this performance, from back to front, I think it's time to smile like you mean it. Points on the board, is the main thing in football and Phil Staffords team have done just that. And done the double over their nearest challenger for good measure.

It was built up as a big game and didn't disappoint. And…


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A professional performance, injuries galore and does anyone know what the theme is ?

Maghull 4-0 Vauxhall Motors Reserves

Saturday 23rd November 2013 kick off 2pm

A team in good form came to Old Hall Field on Saturday. And where quietly demolished.

Other than a strange moment with Lee Carrols footing, very early on, this was a performance that was one of the best of the season.

This Vauxhall side are no mugs, as last weeks result showed, but on Saturday it really was men against boys.In fact, after the torment given to the…


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A dour performance, a managers masterclass and a tetchy ending.

Maghull 4-1 Christleton

Saturday 16th November 2013 kick off 2pm

Lets be honest, it wasn't good. But a 4-1 scoreline when it isn't good, is not too shabby.

We can try and gloss over things, like the poor finishing of the opposition, getting away with a few sloppy moments and a possible offside for our first goal. But maybe, just maybe, that female who goes by the name of luck, decided to be nice to us at last. Played way better and lost was the consensus…


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Puzzled, bewildered and wondering if this really is a bogey ground.

Ashville 2-1 Maghull

Saturday 9th November kick off 2.30pm Pyke Cup

I have no idea what Maghull have to do to win at Ashville, but playing well and dictating the play does not seem to be the answer.

For the second time this season, we have been the better side, played the better football, yet come away with nothing.

In fairness to the home side, they did play a part in the first half. But the way they took the lead, had us scratching our heads and will…


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Quick out of the blocks, getting a tad sloppy and righting a wrong.

Blacon YC 2-5 Maghull

Saturday 2nd November 2013 kick off 2pm

Revenge is not a dirty word (crevice is a dirty word) but we don't like to use it here.

This was all about, picking up another three points on our travels and putting some daylight between us and the chasing pack. And that is exactly what happened. With an added touch of glee, after the shambolic way we lost the home fixture earlier in the season.

Confidence was high and by the hour mark, so was…


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