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Chelsea's main issue with Torres is clear: he is second rate

The appointment of Rafael Benitez at Stamford Bridge has got pundits and fans discussing the possibility of a return to form for the misfiring Fernando Torres. Some have even suggested that Chelsea’s trigger-happy owner Roman Abramovich appointed Benitez solely for the purpose of reviving Torres – a £50m vanity purchase carried out by the owner.

Since Torres’ move to west London from Liverpool, he has been an abject failure. After joining in January 2011 he made 18 appearances that…


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Dan Hodges is wrong.

What about this time, you ask?

Today, after champing at the bit on Twitter for the past week, Dan published a piece from his corner on the Telegraph website to argue that Chelsea Football Club should be punished for making a complaint to the FA alleging, ultimately incorrectly, that a referee…


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Can the Euros restore beauty to the increasingly ugly game?

The World Cup Finals may be football’s most watched showpiece event on the planet but there can be little doubt which one is the most difficult to win. Not even the threat of far-right extremist hooligans, as exposed in the BBC’s recent Panorama programme on the European Championships host nations Poland and the Ukraine, can remove the excitement generated by the one…


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Di Matteo - A Master Plan or a Stroke of Luck?

AVB confiding in his successor

Andre Villas Boas was brought to Chelsea with Abramovich’s hopes high and pockets emptied. His money rested on such a young man’s shoulders. He maybe saw him as the next model Mourinho, a young, suave Portuguese manager who seemed to have the charisma and the tactical incision that he had always look to replace, but he hadn’t found another ‘Special One.’

He started well, making good signings and the…


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In Defence Of Didi

Like most British football fans, I first encountered Didier Drogba after his explosive hat-trick for Marseille against Partizan in 2003. And, again like most British fans, I watched in annoyance as he arrived at Stamford Bridge and apparently took on the personality of a 9-year-old child.

I marveled at his goals, but wondered how a man built like a horse could be brought…


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Abramovich Has Egg On His Face, But AVB Did Himself No Favours

So, Roman Abramovich’s twitchy finger strikes again as yet another Chelsea manager bites the dust. Despite the pattern of recent history it was a little surprising that Andre Villas Boas didn’t last until at least the conclusion of the Champions League tie with Napoli. But alas, like many before him, AVB felt the force of Abramovich’s wielding axe. You would think that the Russian billionaire might be feeling a little bit embarrassed about disposing of the man he hired just eight…


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Last Chance Saloon for John Terry?

In a season that has seen racism return to the limelight of English football, John Terry has this week pleaded not guilty against a racially-aggravated public order offence for an alleged racial slur during a match last October. The date for the trial has been set for 9thJuly.

The accusation came after a video of John Terry, appearing to use…


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Slap them. You know you want to!


I was reading yet another one of those 'My Perfect XI' lists recently that are so often a feature of websites or magazines.


You know the sort of thing, an all-time XI as selected by someone important. They may be from a single club, from a particular country or league, the most…


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