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Liverpool can look to build a new era under Rodgers

It’s a new beginning at Anfield and a very positive one. Liverpool owners have finally found their man. Replacing a club icon is never easy, but in Brendan Rodgers, who has agreed to sign a three-year contract, the club sees a young man with a vision in eye and commitment to attractive football.

It is a smart move from FSG (Fenway Sports Group), the Liverpool owners, who rested their faith on a long-term project while appointing the ex-Reading man.…


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Think Big Act Bigger

The sacking of Kenny Dalglish was greeted with mixed emotions. The die-hard fans of Liverpool, the scousers and those who have been supporting the club since/before Kenny Dalglish joined the club as a player felt it is a very harsh decision despite admitting that the season was a dull campaign from his part.

There are other groups of supporters who are sad to see their beloved “King Kenny” go but understands the psychology of the owners. Gone are those days when time was not a factor…


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Random Thoughts - Six Weekend Musings of a Football Fan

Football can be a complicated thing. In the space of a few days your whole world can turn upside down. Last year when Wayne Rooney refused to sign a new contract for his club, it felt like a dagger in my back and the back of every United fan. Now of course, he is king again, kind of. More recently, in the last few weeks, I've went from loving Owen Hargreaves, to pitying him, to laughing at him, to being really confused and now a real dislike is growing as he becomes…


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Football Conspiracies - Whats really going on behind the curtain?


Nathan Eccleston has made the headlines today with a few choice comments on his Twitter, the Liverpool youth player has said he believes 9/11 was not the work of terrorists but the mysterious Illuminati! With Eccleston announcing on his twitter a few of his conspiracy theories, I’ve decided to look into a few suspicious goings on in the world of football myself, these are the kind of thing even Nathan Eccleston is too afraid to talk about.…


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Posting Blogs

Having found myself at a loose end over the summer now that Uni has told me to sod off for a bit and stop bothering the lecturerererers with questions like; 'yes, but why is globalisation a threat to modernity?', Mrs El J has given me strict orders to find a job and start paying my way in life. So, like a lamb to the the seasonal employment slaughter, I wove my way to the nearest employment agency to register for the kind of work a man with my skills is skilled enough to do…


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Slap them. You know you want to!


I was reading yet another one of those 'My Perfect XI' lists recently that are so often a feature of websites or magazines.


You know the sort of thing, an all-time XI as selected by someone important. They may be from a single club, from a particular country or league, the most…


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