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Replacing the Irreplaceable

In the Summer, Sir Alex Ferguson has a mountainous decision to make. Does he offer the perennial Paul Scholes another 1 year contract, or does he look to find a replacement for the pass master?

Many have said that the reason why Manchester United has been so successful this year is due to the resigning of the midfield maestro, and it would be hard to argue with them. 

In the previous match against Queens Park Rangers, Scholes was on the pitch for 74 minutes. Within that time,…


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The Commodification of Celebrity Culture

‘The influence of celebrity has been especially pronounced on certain kinds of media products (Turner, 2006: 487)

It is not so uncommon to see your favourite sport star or favourite entertainment star on the front of a magazine cover, or on the front pages of a newspaper with the mass media that is now readily available to consumers including: TV, Radio, Magazines, Newspapers, and the Internet, which are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in some cases. Therefore, this chapter…


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Contentious Issues Surrounding Footballer's Wages

Football is a widely watched form of entertainment, with a high emphasis on raw talent, emotion and of course money. Many males base their whole life around the sport, and many children of the younger generation look up to such footballers like David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo and John Terry. However such role models are not all they seem, they are not so clean cut as they may appear on the football field.

 The issue of wages is widely reported in the British press in a negative…


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Slap them. You know you want to!


I was reading yet another one of those 'My Perfect XI' lists recently that are so often a feature of websites or magazines.


You know the sort of thing, an all-time XI as selected by someone important. They may be from a single club, from a particular country or league, the most…


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