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The media's obsession with Fergie lives on

It’s amazing how much a pensioner sitting in Row Z is becoming a potential reason why David Moyes is floundering in his first few months at Manchester United.

The British press, egos still wounded by being treated for years with unheard of irreverence, are going after the man who now has no means of rebuttal, laying blame at his door for the demise of the club he led peerlessly for over 20 years.

There are two main accusations that are getting more and more column inches.…


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Nani are you okay?

Luis Carlos Almeida da Cunha will not go down as one of the Manchester United greats. Signed for something around £16m in 2007, Nani has never totally won the hearts of the Old Trafford faithful. But Nani has always been one of my favourite players at United. Friends and pundits have maligned him for reasons I find hard to disagree with, but I’ve always fought his corner.

This week saw him fly-kick his way into the headlines. The general consensus seems to be that Nani’s red card…


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The Match of the Orginal Noisy Neighbours is Back

Since it was decided that Dundee would take Rangers place in the SPL, football fans in Dundee have had their eyes set on one date and time, 19th August 2012 12:45pm. The day the Dundee derby returns to the SPL, and Britain’s closest footballing neighbours go head to head one more.

The last competitive derby took place on April 30th 2005 when both teams were in a relegation battle. In the last round of fixtures that season Dundee United beat Inverness and Dundee defeated by Livingston… Continue

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The SPL Will Survive

Say No to Newco

On 4th July the SPL face a crucial vote on whether the admit the new formed The Rangers Football Club into their league, or to promote Dundee and consign Rangers to the Scottish Football League's third division.

The rules governing these penalties for liquidation were changed last month so that there would be a vote in Rangers future instead of the automatic relegation that was in place previously. So why do the SPL want different rules for Rangers? The… Continue

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We'll Keep The Red Flag Flying High

There can be no denying it is a horrible feeling to lose the Premier League title to Manchester City. And in such dramatic circumstances. But it’s worth trying to gather a quick sense of perspective over events.

As a United fan since the founding season of the Premier League, success has been plentiful. However we have had to suffer a fair few defeats and setbacks along the way. This is just another such set back and, if anything, it is the least worrying of them all.

Roll back…


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Replacing the Irreplaceable

In the Summer, Sir Alex Ferguson has a mountainous decision to make. Does he offer the perennial Paul Scholes another 1 year contract, or does he look to find a replacement for the pass master?

Many have said that the reason why Manchester United has been so successful this year is due to the resigning of the midfield maestro, and it would be hard to argue with them. 

In the previous match against Queens Park Rangers, Scholes was on the pitch for 74 minutes. Within that time,…


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The inspirational story of the Leeds United Ladies team

Leeds United might be in the Championship, but they are still one of the most well-known clubs in the country, but how much do people know the story of the Leeds United Ladies team? They’ve been on probably an even more emotional journey than the men’s team, and 18 months ago they didn’t have a team, a name, they weren’t even a club.

Over the past decade, Arsenal have been far and away the most dominant side in women’s football, but Leeds had been their most consistent opponents until…


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Random Thoughts - Six Weekend Musings of a Football Fan

Football can be a complicated thing. In the space of a few days your whole world can turn upside down. Last year when Wayne Rooney refused to sign a new contract for his club, it felt like a dagger in my back and the back of every United fan. Now of course, he is king again, kind of. More recently, in the last few weeks, I've went from loving Owen Hargreaves, to pitying him, to laughing at him, to being really confused and now a real dislike is growing as he becomes…


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Manchester United and the 4-3-3

Manchester United and the 4-3-3

Ever since Redondo’s nutmeg on Henning Berg that lead to a Raul goal on the counter attack and the arrival of Queiroz, Fergusson has changed his tactics in the champions league. Instead of going gung-ho with an attacking 4-4-2 he now uses a more conservative 4-3-3 approach. Although this approach has yielded great results over the past 5 seasons with United reaching at least the semis on 4 occasions, I do not think united have the…


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Champions League participation assured, Wenger's problems rumble on...

On such results a season can hinge. Whilst the ensuing outpour of support and praise for Arsene Wenger is somewhat galling given the questions raised recently, yesterday’s victory over Udinese was more significant than simply ensuring entry into the group stages of the Champions League.

Whilst qualification for the Champions League proper is now…


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Sitting eating sushi in the city? Joey Barton is a psychopath

Judging by his output during a tumultuous 85 days on twitter, Joey Barton believes he has a brain that could bring down governments. From his vaunted position as unwanted midfielder at relegation fodder Newcastle United, he holds forth on the topics of the day like the tragically familiar pub drunk. As he continually  engages in inane confrontations that he is provoked into by spotlight hungry hacks, the dynamic has come to…


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Slap them. You know you want to!


I was reading yet another one of those 'My Perfect XI' lists recently that are so often a feature of websites or magazines.


You know the sort of thing, an all-time XI as selected by someone important. They may be from a single club, from a particular country or league, the most…


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