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Is Football A Religion?

I spoke at great length to a man on the way home from the Man United vs. West Brom game last Sunday. He was an elder gentleman, eager to discuss his life and stories of years gone by.

He told me about his family, his job, his pets, to name just a few topics. We spoke about the great United teams of…


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The Martin O'Neill Effect

Take one Northern Irish manager, add a passionate football club in the North East of England, and give it an absolutely massive kick up the proverbial. It's an equation for success, as proven with a monumental climb up the table. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Martin O'Neill effect.

When O'Neill took over from Steve Bruce in early…


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AVB: Time To Trust

Back in June 2011, the man of the moment Andre Villas-Boas took the reigns at Chelsea, and in doing so became the most expensive managerial appointment world football has ever seen.

His £13.3m price tag automatically put a lot of weight on his shoulders, and expectations were high for the now 34 year-old, who won four trophies in just two seasons…


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England's Equality Stance Fails Miserably

This week's hardly been great. The FA lose a manager after removing the allegedly racist captain. The new managerial candidates will be discriminated against should they not be British. Micah Richards leaves Twitter after a three month torrent of racial abuse. And Luis Suarez refuses to shake the hand of Patrice Evra, inciting outrage after the previous…


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English for England?

There is one major question this week in English football.

Who the hell will be England boss?

It's quite an easy question, but only if you have a favourite gaffer. Spurs fan? 'Arry. Liverpool fan? Gotta be Rafa Benitez. Glory hunter? Let's grab Jose whilst we can.

In reality, it's a very, very difficult decision for David Bernstein and the rest of the big guns at The FA. Having backed themselves into a corner in 2010, when…


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Superbowl XLVI: Giants Reign Supreme

The New York Giants beat the New England Patriots 21-17 on Sunday evening after being behind in what was arguably one of the best Superbowl games of recent times.

Eli Manning, the Giants…


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The Road to Superbowl XLVI: Pre-Game Preview

Having sat disconsolate the last time I wrote about the NFL, I thought it was about time to build bridges, mend a broken heart and crack on with things.

For this weekend brings Superbowl XLVI.

As you know by now, I'm a staunch San Francisco 49ers fan, and we were sadly beaten (or threw it away...) two weeks ago by the New York Giants in the NFC…


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Bankers vs. Footballers - The Battle of Greed

My parents, between them, have a combined total of over 50 years' experience within the banking sector. Which, quite frankly, is madness.

It has its benefits - we're all very good with money; know how to save and get the best value for our very English pounds. It has also had a very adverse effect on our livelihoods over the past five years,…


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Ravel Unravels: A Tragic Tale of a Misunderstood Footballer

Once upon a time, there was a world in which footballers got paid pennies, not pounds, and they were able to walk down the street without anyone noticing them, before they went home to scrub their boots, feed their families and try and keep fit.

Now, they live in a world of mega-millions, Bugatti Veyrons, houses in Monaco…


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Sporting Snapshot: Billy Bails Back to Russia

Diniyar Bilyaletdinov, Everton's 'tricky' winger, is on his way to Spartak Moscow, after agreeing personal terms with the Russian club. No fee has been agreed, but as many have predicted, Billy, as he shall now be affectionately know (for spelling reasons...) will be carted off from Goodison Park in the hope…


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The Road to Superbowl XLVI: Championship Weekend

We've all felt heartbreak as sports fans - when your team loses the final; when you lose your best player for the whole season; when you get relegated with the last kick of the season. Last night, it was my turn.

My San Francisco 49ers team have gone from strength to strength this season - after what was arguably one of the worst seasons to…


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The Road to Superbowl XLVI: Divisional Play-Off Weekend

As some of you may know, I'm a staunch fan of the San Francisco 49ers. It doesn't matter how late the game is shown on British TV, I'll still be there with a gallon of coffee and shedloads of caffeine tablets.

And this weekend was no different - we saw the arrival of the Divisional Play-Offs; four games that would determine who the…


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Welcome to Twitter. Welcome to Hell.

This week has seen plenty of vulgar individuals crawl out from under the woodwork with their large dictionary of poor insults, disgusting taste and rather crude, vile remarks. Welcome to Twitter.

Now I'm all for a bit of a laugh, and a few words here and there, but there is a limit as to where you step. That theoretical 'line' your Mum always used to go on about…


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Why Racism DOES Matter.

I wanted to write a piece on racism in football, backing up what I've already written beforehand. In October I wrote about how John Terry's supposed words of a rather distasteful manner left our country in a bit of a quandary…


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2012 - Sod The Mayans, It's The Media That'll Kill It.

First off, let me begin by wishing you all a very Happy New Year, and let's hope to God this year sport-wise is even better than 2011.

Which brings me wonderfully onto the point of this post - 2012. There's a lot of sport for us to look forward to this year - from the annual events like Wimbledon, the Grand National, the Six Nations and F1, to the bigger, more…


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United's Basel Balls-Up Beckons Big Changes

I've had 12 hours or so to calm myself down from the catastrophe that is Thursday nights, Channel 5. It's utterly humiliating - and it shouldn't be; but we've grown to expect the best from United.

There's a level of apathy in that United squad currently, and that's what has led to consistent poor performances since late September. I feel low and embarrassed,…


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All I Want For Christmas Is The Destruction and Annihilation of International Friendlies...

It's been a long time coming has this post. It's been brewing for a long, long time, and like a rather good gassy blow-out, it's about to appear and make you all run like hell.


I'm going to talk international football.


For those of you still with me, thankyou. I know how dull it is, and that's my point really. International football used…


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F1 2016: Bigger, Slower, and Hated

In five years' time, we will see a very different Formula 1 to the one we witness now. If the constant reports and speculation are to be believed, anyway.


Good ol' Bernie is trying his very best to make F1 the sport of the globe - reaching out to every corner of our world in order to make the global audience as big as physically…


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Who Will Replace The Irreplaceable?

Since 2002, very little has been spoken of who will fill the biggest shoes in club football. The occasional name has popped up, and the odd piece or two written about where the club will go. Until this month, when suddenly every media outlet in the world wanted to see if they could get Mystic Meg on board in order to predict the future.…


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25 Years of Sir Alex, and 18 Years of Me

To begin with, I apologise profusely - this is going to be quite a personal, thought-felt post, that I hope can help become part of a much bigger story.

As an 18 year-old Man United fan, I've never know any different than the current sign on the manager's door - Alex Ferguson has been, and currently is, the only United boss I've ever known.…


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