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Atrocious weather, a comeback and subs changing the game

Maghull 2 - 2 Helsby

Saturday 5th December 2015 kick off 2pm

I really cant figure out Saturdays game. 

It hit some heights, it had phases of obscurity,produced four goals and many talking points. But it just didn't make any sense. Then again when has football made much sense. At least it may not need any censoring this time !

Helsby seemed to start the game as the stronger outfit. The awful wind and rain may have affected Maghull in the early…


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A comfortable hour, squeaky bum time and a classy finish

Maghull 3 - 1 Newton

Saturday 14th November 2015  kick off 2pm

What a grotty day, but a cracking game of football took place in the deluge.

Newton arrived having led the table for most of the season and of course they gave Maghull a whirlwind first half blast at their place earlier in the season. But with both sides in top form, this did have the potential to impress the large crowd not put off by the awful weather. And it lived up to it's…


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A false start, a sloppy ending, but the rest was pretty good.

Blacon YC 2 - 4 Maghull

Saturday 31st October 2015  kick off 3pm

I have a bit of a battle on my hands here. I am not one for praising individuals, but from that you may grasp there were a few on show who put in a bit of a performance. I will leave it there, but if you ask if one was you and I say no, don't be too disappointed. The team as a whole played very well.

Two aspects of the day took away the gloss. There really should have been a larger number in…


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A hat trick, a free kick trick and the trick of the eye

Hale 4 - 3 Maghull

Saturday 17th October 2015 kick off 3pm

In a nutshell, a weird game. Madness prevailed, but in the midst of it all a couple cracking goals and for the second week running, two teams who seemed intent on playing hard but fair.

Maghull should have had this game wrapped up within twenty minutes, found themselves staring a heavy defeat in the face and then should then have walked off with a share of the spoils. But more of that later.

The early…


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A strange game, did he win the lottery and those dreaded pens.

Maghull 3 - 3 Garswood United aet   2-3 on penalties

Saturday 10th October 2015  kick off 2pm

You would think, looking at the scoreline, that we had a classic on our hands. Not quite, but what we did have was a full blooded cup tie, with lots of passion and intent that faded from time to time, but kept springing into life and keeping everyones interest (in what was a very good crowd on non league day) pretty much from the start actually.

Within ten…


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A pig of a game, a fussy official and winning is all that matters.

Southport Hesketh 1 - 2 Maghull

Liverpool County FA Challenge Cup

Saturday 19th September 2015 kick off 2pm

Sorry, I couldn't resist !

As cup ties go, this one will not go down in the annals of classic ties. It may sneak in under the category of glad that one is over. Sometimes I am a little more critical of games than others, but the general consensus around me was let's hope this doesn't go to extra time.

The first half was dreadful and…


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A whodunit, who didn't do it and why didn't they

West Kirby & Wasps 0 - 4 Maghull

Saturday September 12th 2015  kick off 3pm

I suffered a half time telling off on Saturday. It should have been the other way round.

So in response, I will say only this. Keep your eyes on the game !

Now, this first half.

Awful !

Painful to watch !

Shocking !

How on earth a team can dominate a game so much and waste so many chances is a conundrum we should not be pondering. But I was, on my way…


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Finally taking the lead, some fun in the sun and has the real Maghull finally turned u

Maghull 6 - 1 Upton AA

Saturday 5th September 2015 kick off 3pm

Considering the scoreline, there really isn't too much to say about this game. One sided, should have been over by the break, but eventually the second half painted the real picture. But was it a gloss ?

I don't like putting sides down, apart from some scathing comments on Maghull of course, but Upton did not put up the best of fights in this encounter. But you can only beat the side in front…


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Not much of a mystery, the same old song and those substitutions.

Maghull 2 - 2 Mallaby

Saturday 29th August 2015  kick off 3pm

Saturday brought about improvement, while also showing signs of making the same mistakes and needing a kick up the backside to get going.

The first half was the plus point. No defensive calamities, a clean sheet and chances created that should have brought about Maghull taking the lead for the first time this season. Namely a clearance off the line and a lob that never quite got off the…


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Dull, errors and thrown away points.

Maghull 2 - 2 Mossley Hill Athletic

Wednesday 26th August 2015 kick off 6.15pm

These types of games are very difficult to pass comment on, as they are frustrating and annoying to watch.

Two sides, who I am sure have much more to offer, served up a dish served cold with no revenge involved. Three goals came from howlers, the other had a few of us puzzled. Throw in a mess up by the officials for good measure and the night was easily forgotten. So what can…


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Off the mark, is there a doctor in the house and old big head re-emerges

Maghull 2 - 1 South Liverpool

Wednesday 19th August 2015 kick off 6.30pm

At last, points in the bag ! But it took one hell of a change and a smattering of fear.

Ok let's get it out of the way quickly. The manager has put on his Brian Clough head again and is (probably rightly) chuffed and proud of the shake up of the side in the second half and the impression his substitutions left on the game. One of them being a bit of a curve ball, as they say in…


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A late wake up, dracula syndrome and what could have been

Newton 2 -1 Maghull

Saturday 15th August kick off 3pm

The curse of the M56 struck once again as a bunch of rubberneckers decide to cause a 5 mile tail back to stare at a accident on the other side. Please, if you want to look at road accidents, sit at home and watch you tube and let the rest of us drive. So my arrival on Saturday was 10 minutes late and bad news greeted me.

The opinion given to me was that a sloppy goal had been conceded after three…


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The new boys pay a visit, a cliche festival and those first game blues

Maghull 0 - 2 Rainhill Town

Wednesday 12th August 2015 kick off 6.30pm

Hello everyone ! Nice to see you all again and for those of you missing, where were you ? Hope you all enjoyed the summer, what a lovely day it was. Anyway, we have football to talk about again, so let's go.

A pleasant evening greeted the sides, which made a nice change of late, for this evening kick off. And it was nice to see a game with some passion. Messrs Rodgers and Hughes take…


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A home win, a recovery and glad this season is over.

Maghull 2 - 1 Chester Nomads

Saturday 25th April 2015 kick off 3pm

I had to wait for a few of days, deciding how to approach this last waffle of the season.

No drunken stupor after last seasons league campaign. No annoyance and watching my p's and q's after the shambles of last seasons cup final. No, this was altogether different and hard to put into words. After a fairly decent start, the guts were ripped out of the side and to finish 8th was a job well…


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Yawn, yawn and yawn again

Hale 0 - 0 Maghull

Saturday 18th April 2015 kick off 3pm

For those of you who missed this, congratulations.

This game was the ultimate, in an end of season meaningless affair. And looked like a blueprint for the shambles at Wembley, by one side, the following day

George thought he would have to carry me home, so much was the attack of boredom instilled in me, during the course of this horrible 90 minutes. But at least the weather was nice and I got…


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Nearly a worldy, bare bones and back to the future ?

Capenhurst Villa 0 - 1 Maghull

Saturday 4th April 2015 kick off 3pm

What a very nice surprise Saturday was. After some lacklustre performances of late, this was as good a performance as we have seen from Maghull for some time. Just a shame that the scoreline did not reflect it.

The game is all about opinions and no doubt the odd one will disagree with me, but I think I have shown to be honest and fair (a bit brutal at times too) and on this occasion…


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A scary scoreline, a break needed, so shall we finish the season now

Maghull 1 - 2 Mossley Hill

Saturday 28th March 2015  kick off 3pm

The fortress is well and truly broken and battered.

What was a place that seemed to strike fear into the opposition, Old Hall Field has become a playground for visitors. The lads are under the gun here and it seems like a rut they are struggling to get out of.

Mossley Hill have a habit of taking points off us in recent seasons, but Saturday really should have brought about a turn in…


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Which way's the beach ? A flurry of sorts and sore eyes.

Maghull 2 - 3 West Kirby

Saturday 21st March 2015 kick off 3pm

Was this a game too many for the season ? Ok, it hasn't been the best, but I certainly hope not, as there are four games left and as things stand a final placing in the bottom half of the table is a possibility. And we don't want that do we !

Saturday looked like many had the end of the season in view, all well and good if going out with a flourish is the way it is to be. Instead, it was…


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Was it or wasn't it, who is guilty and sick of a certain saying.

Maghull 1 - 2 Cammell Lairds Reserves 

Saturday 14th March 2015 kick off 3pm

Controversy could reign supreme here, but I can only report on what I see and pass comment on what I hear. So don't shoot the messenger.

Shall we get the facts out of the way first ?

For the (I don't know, I have lost count) time this season, Maghull have walked off a pitch to comments of, that was our hardest game of the season. But it is a tough compliment to take, when…


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The wind, the ski season and the snoring

Chester Nomads 1 - 1 Maghull

Saturday 7th March 2015  kick off 3pm

If anyone cares to disagree, you should have been here with me.

Because of the weather, it was destined to be a difficult game. Throw in a slope and you get the picture that this game had horrendous written all over it. And so it turned out to be.

Maghull had to focus on keeping their left side busy in the first half and vice versa for the hosts. Chester actually played the…


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