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A pitch invasion, a fightback and the sucker punch (x2)

Wednesday August 22 2012

Mossley Hill 3-3 Maghull

Starting at the beginning always seems the best way. Unfortunately, a pattern is forming, where it seems a mountain, never mind a hill, is to be climbed, to get anything out of a game.

On a pitch that Franz Klammer would have had difficulty negotiating, Maghull decided to stay in the dressing room until the home side had struck twice (sorry,I retract that,they did play a huge part in the second goal)  Again,within the…


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A game of 80 minutes and when V isn't for victory.

Saturday August 18 2012

Maghull 0-2 Chester Nomads  http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/maghullfootballclub/

A good performance all round.

Granted,there where not chances galore,but enough where created and good ones too. Better luck in front of goal, would surely have seen, at least parity in the scoreline. Compounded by the visitors keeper having "one of those days"

Majority of possession and…


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The father, the sun and the goalie spirit

Tuesday August 14 2012

Maghull 4-1 Breckfield   http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/maghullfootballclub/

It happened again !

Wakey wakey time is when the ref blows his whistle, not 5 or 10 minutes in. 

The Merseyside Christian League champions, came out all guns blazing and Maghull needed time to settle. As a rough estimate, they had more shots in those first ten minutes…


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When is a win not a win. And 1982 revisited

Saturday August 11 2012

Maghull 3-2 Edge Hill Boys  http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/maghullfootballclub/

Puzzled reporter needs specsavers.

Made it on time for once. Well, only two minutes late, thanks to Tony Blackburn, but that's another story.

Suprising start by the visitors, who, from a lot lower league, seemed to play like it was their cup final, not a warm up game. Some fiesty…


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A new title, a labrador and a visit from bram stoker

Thursday August 9 2012

Maghull 0-5 Cammell Lairds    http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/maghullfootballclub/

For the second time this pre season, a visiting side turns up at Old Hall Field and leaves with a resounding confidence boost.

After a much needed draw against South Liverpool (1-1) and another 1-1 draw with Hale, only to lose on penalties, this was a massive comedown against, what must be…


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Is this the start of a goal drought ?

Thursday July 26

Maghull 0 Bootle 1      http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/maghullfootballclub/

After being mugged on Saturday by Prescot Cables, the hope was, that the visit of Bootle from two leagues above us, would give more encouragement for the season that lies ahead. 

And it did !

A very professional performance, creating chances, controlling the play and dictating possession, led us…


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Maghull pre season starts with a hammering

Maghull 0 Prescot Cables 5     http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/maghullfootballclub/

Three leagues difference and it showed. 

Got to the game late and missed the first 20 minutes, damn cat naps, to find us 2 down to a couple of free kicks early on. First half way just one way traffic. 

This was to be partly expected, due to the loss of the complete first team, mainly to Ashton Town, following the ex…


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Did he really Pirrr or did we just pay the penalty

The dust has settled on another Quarter Final defeat. It has become a bloody bad habit.

I have heard so many why's and why not's about Englands demise on Sunday night, so I thought I would throw my opinion in the hat. 

First of all Roy.

I ranted and raved about what a cataclysmic error it was to appoint him as manager. Well maybe some humble pie has to be taken. 

In his role with the press,he has been nothing short of excellent. Something his predecessors,…


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Divine Intervention

So, Liverpool Football Club lost an FA Cup Final. 

Now due to this, the angst turns towards a cluster of players, the player selection and the demise of the club itself.

How fickle supporters have become since we have fallen from our pedestal.

Downing is crap, Henderson is worse, Spearing is now public enemy number one and all of those people who slated Andy Carroll for being inept and begging for him to be sold back to Newcastle in exchange for their ten game…


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England My England

William Henley ?

D H Lawrence perhaps ?

No.... the Football Association.

With incredible incredulity (waited years to get that saying in a passage) the Football Association have gone and...well let's say, given the mighty sporting press and alleged experts of old blighty, a bloody nose.

At time of writing (oooh doesn't that sound all professional, I could get on the Mail or Express at this rate, or just set fire to myself,…


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