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The scribe becomes a ghost, change not for the good and an early cup exit

Saturday September 22nd 2012

South Liverpool 4-1 Maghull

After last week's win against the odds (Mossley Hill) it was quite unfortunate that several changes had to be made, due to injury and unavailability.

South Liverpool started the brighter side, taking the initiative and in doing so, brought out a fine one handed save from Mark Mawdsley. We had a chance to take the lead, an appeal for a penalty (handball) went unheard, the ball broke loose to Jamie Robinson…


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Seeing red, a home win and our own Terry Mac and Stevie C !?

Saturday September 15th 2012

Maghull 1-0 Mossley Hill Athletic

We've done it. 

Joycey's lads got our first home win of the season, but once again, we didn't make it easy for ourselves. 

What had started as a scrappy game, no side seeming able to keep the ball for a decent period, turned sour for us, when an extended lunge into a tackle by Jamie Blackhurst, resulted in a straight red card. No arguments can be given.

But with the game not even a…


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A love letter from the self pity city

Initially, I had best point out that I will do my best to refrain from profanities. I will also state that some points that are made are from sources way beyond my scope, ie stolen,some are from friends, some  from tweeter people and of course you may, hopefully, find some from me. 

Brian Reade wrote that 15th May 1989 changed football forever. I believe that 12th September 2012 will prove to change British Justice forever.

A summer of highs, more highs and can we get any more…


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A finnicky ref, a stuffy deflection and a guest appearance by Ronny Rosenthal

Saturday September 8th 2012

Newton 2-0 Maghull

I have a confession. I was willing to put money on a win for us today. 

Ok, I would have lost, but the only losers where the peeps who didn't get to see this game.It was a pleasure to watch. 

Two good sides went toe to toe and produced the best game I have seen this season.

Granted the suprising heat sapped the legs and late on it became a tad sloppy, but all can be applauded for contributing to a match…


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A local Derby, a frustrating night and keeping the decorum

Wednesday September 5th 2012

Maghull 0-1 Marine Reserves

There is plenty to say, just, not a lot of it can be put into print.

Doom mongerers gathered after Saturdays defeat, presuming a 2 or 3 goal loss, may even be acceptable. My attempts at keeping positive and seeing only a home win, where falling on deaf ears. Maybe after this performance, they will see the potential in the side.

At the back,the defence performed admirably, though never really under…


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