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Notes on a draw - England versus France

England playing France in the opening game of Group D had the feeling of a redemptive catharsis after the ignominies of the 2010 World Cup; the two worst losers from that tournament pitted against one another as new orders took competitive shape. France were inevitably the more creative, thrusting side but England's schooling by their new coach was palpable and, much to Roy Hodgson's credit, they…


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Something is amiss with the beautiful game....Part 2 of 2

In the second of two parts, CookeShaw and Darren Curtis consider the state of football in 2011.



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Champions League participation assured, Wenger's problems rumble on...

On such results a season can hinge. Whilst the ensuing outpour of support and praise for Arsene Wenger is somewhat galling given the questions raised recently, yesterday’s victory over Udinese was more significant than simply ensuring entry into the group stages of the Champions League.

Whilst qualification for the Champions League proper is now…


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Sitting eating sushi in the city? Joey Barton is a psychopath

Judging by his output during a tumultuous 85 days on twitter, Joey Barton believes he has a brain that could bring down governments. From his vaunted position as unwanted midfielder at relegation fodder Newcastle United, he holds forth on the topics of the day like the tragically familiar pub drunk. As he continually  engages in inane confrontations that he is provoked into by spotlight hungry hacks, the dynamic has come to…


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It’s time for Cesc Fabregas to step out, and his soon to be former colleagues to step up.

There is inherent risk in losing any ‘star’ player, especially one of Cesc Fabregas’ exceptional quality. For the past 5 years he has made the most assists of any player in any of the top 5 European leagues. Given his comparatively reduced playing time, through a combination of injuries and Arsenal’s poor record in the latter stages of certain competitions, that is a truly impressive…


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The English National Team: baseless optimism and silly hats pre-match...

1 opinion is conjecture, 2 moves us toward a consensus. Firstly Paul Scholes, in a tellingly un-Paul Scholes manner, delved into the recesses of his mind to confront the issues surrounding his departure from International football. This was cathartic promotion, garnering headlines and coverage for his upcoming testimonial. Secondly Gary Neville, who just likes to talk, no excuse necessary, chose to continue his…


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Where did the protest go? Manchester United and The Green and Gold

There’s an interesting concept that suggests, with the advent of Facebook, that protesting has been watered down into nothing more than a branded activity for those (“the young”) that should actually be chaining themselves to the forecourt of their nearest BP. Rather than the aforementioned chaining, people are now simply joining a Facebook group that matches up with their chosen issue, and that’s as far as it…


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