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I'm for keeping the handshakes

At the end of a truly historic week in British football, saturday's coverage was dominated with the will they/won't they "saga" revolving around 2 men shaking hands which then span off into a tangent with the question of scrapping the handshake altogether. The media created the…


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Closing the stable door..whilst the horse is on the horizon

My granddad played for Hendon F.C before the war and, by all accounts, was a pretty handy striker. So much so that he was offered a profession contract with Aston Villa - which he promptly turned down. The main reason being that he would actually earn less than what he currently was as technician…


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England playing in Nike - The embodiment of the modern game

"I am delighted that the FA has secured this new wide-ranging and comprehensive partnership with Nike"

Those the words of Alex Horne, the General Secretary of The F.A, on Monday where he was in-front of the cameras with Nike executives at the St.Georges park centre of excellence. 

"I would…


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The games ARE coming..You may aswell enjoy them...

Many a furrowed brow has been beaten in the run up to the London games...some of which could be considered legitmate concerns - costs spiralling out of control, masses of steel & concrete left abandonned at the end of the ceremonies etc...and a lot that could be put…


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The (Un)Official 2012 European Football Kit Championship

Right the ideas a simple one...taking Blatters' penalty rant to its logical conclusion...fuck all that deciding it on the pitch..lets let the kits decide!

The format will remain the same as the actual tournamnet layout (groups etc)....all teams obv have two kits but only one (the better one obv.) will be chosen to represent them. Simples!!!



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Scholes...The BEST january transfer ever?

The January transfer window is, for the most part, a complete waste of seems the only ones in favour of it are the editors at sky sports news.

Managers hate it because it creates a highly elastic market - a little increase in demand results in a huge increase in price- as…


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A case for the defence?

Is the defender dying?

The 4 quarter finalist in this CL to my mind all share one thing - Suspect defences. And to me this speaks to a wider trend in football which is undervaluing the defender.

Think of a great defender..either a world wide star of repelling opposition…


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Why England does'nt need needs Brad Pitt

Okay, maybe the title is stretching it a bit but its my first article so I start as I mean to go on. The title could have also read "How economics can win England the World Cup" but quite frankly thats even more frivilous with the truth than the notion that Brad…


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