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Back on their perch.

Some of us have been fortunate enough to go and watch the team we support play football. Some can only dream of it, while following games unfold on television, radio, or live text updates.

None of us expect to die in the pursuit of the unique feeling of seeing your team win a match.

As a lifelong Manchester United fan, I don't particularly like Liverpool Football Club. And it's fair to say that, at times, I feel pure hatred for them.

But on these days, when the…


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The media's obsession with Fergie lives on

It’s amazing how much a pensioner sitting in Row Z is becoming a potential reason why David Moyes is floundering in his first few months at Manchester United.

The British press, egos still wounded by being treated for years with unheard of irreverence, are going after the man who now has no means of rebuttal, laying blame at his door for the demise of the club he led peerlessly for over 20 years.

There are two main accusations that are getting more and more column inches.…


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I was recently reading a copy of FourFourTwo magazine. There was a feature article on car pooling in the lower divisions of the football league. A nice piece about instances where players travel from different parts of the country to training and cut the cost, and their carbon footprint, by sharing a lift. One of the players featured was Febian Brandy.

Brandy is one of those players Football Manager enthusiasts always remember. A name that pops up on Soccer Saturday now and then and… Continue

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Save The Volley. Don't Let Lazy Analysis Win.

On a Sunday afternoon in 1994, Mark Hughes provided one of my earliest football memories. After 90 minutes at 0-0, Manchester United’s FA Cup semi-final against Oldham went into extra time. Early in the second period, Neil Pointon capitalised on a rare Peter Schmeichel error to put Oldham 1-0 up. All looked lost. United had huffed and puffed but had been unable to break Oldham down or get anything passed Jon Hallworth, keeping goal valiantly for the Latics. Without the suspended Cantona,…


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Nani are you okay?

Luis Carlos Almeida da Cunha will not go down as one of the Manchester United greats. Signed for something around £16m in 2007, Nani has never totally won the hearts of the Old Trafford faithful. But Nani has always been one of my favourite players at United. Friends and pundits have maligned him for reasons I find hard to disagree with, but I’ve always fought his corner.

This week saw him fly-kick his way into the headlines. The general consensus seems to be that Nani’s red card…


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Chelsea's main issue with Torres is clear: he is second rate

The appointment of Rafael Benitez at Stamford Bridge has got pundits and fans discussing the possibility of a return to form for the misfiring Fernando Torres. Some have even suggested that Chelsea’s trigger-happy owner Roman Abramovich appointed Benitez solely for the purpose of reviving Torres – a £50m vanity purchase carried out by the owner.

Since Torres’ move to west London from Liverpool, he has been an abject failure. After joining in January 2011 he made 18 appearances that…


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Dan Hodges is wrong.

What about this time, you ask?

Today, after champing at the bit on Twitter for the past week, Dan published a piece from his corner on the Telegraph website to argue that Chelsea Football Club should be punished for making a complaint to the FA alleging, ultimately incorrectly, that a referee…


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We can't have our Fergie and eat it

The latest in a seemingly endless line of off-pitch controversies came today. Rio Ferdinand refused to wear the Kick It Out t-shirts that the campaign co-ordinates players to wear in pre-match warm-ups every now and then. It was a story only because Jason Roberts had gone public a few days earlier saying he was not going to wear the t-shirt of the…


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The legacy responsibility rests with us all

My life has been wrapped in football since aged 8. Most things are planned around a match on TV, football training, or the weekend match. For 19 years, it has been this way. And I still remember when it started all that time ago. Some of my friends had started playing when they were 5 or 6. But it wasn’t until the encrypted TV screen turned into a match between Manchester United and Norwich City that I was gripped.

This moment was when football began for me. And, indeed, that year was…


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This Is Our Country

Culture can often move society more than any change in the legislature. Music has had a liberating effect. Films and television have communicated injustice. But over the last few days, sport has pushed British society further toward the ever advancing light of progress.

London 2012 first and foremost has been an extraordinary display of sport, athleticism and achievement. As a sports fan, this is my main reason for being gripped by the last few weeks. But it has also nudged Britain…


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Racism: Hysteria and Hypocrisy

It's a good thing that racism is being discussed prominently in the public discourse. And it doesn't surprise me that the root of the discussion is from football. Football, and sport in general, provides a unique microcosm of societies and communities. Society can often progress from something that happens in football way more than it can from something that goes into the statute books. 

Sadly, the discussion has started because of recent events that have suggested…


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We'll Keep The Red Flag Flying High

There can be no denying it is a horrible feeling to lose the Premier League title to Manchester City. And in such dramatic circumstances. But it’s worth trying to gather a quick sense of perspective over events.

As a United fan since the founding season of the Premier League, success has been plentiful. However we have had to suffer a fair few defeats and setbacks along the way. This is just another such set back and, if anything, it is the least worrying of them all.

Roll back…


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In Defence Of Didi

Like most British football fans, I first encountered Didier Drogba after his explosive hat-trick for Marseille against Partizan in 2003. And, again like most British fans, I watched in annoyance as he arrived at Stamford Bridge and apparently took on the personality of a 9-year-old child.

I marveled at his goals, but wondered how a man built like a horse could be brought…


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The Necessary Evil That Will Change Football For Good

Another weekend, another call for technology to be introduced into real-time decision-making in football.

On Sunday, Chelsea, 1-0 up in the FA Cup semi-final against Spurs, were awarded a goal for an attempt that did not cross the line. The list of similar incidents that have stoked the calls for goal-line technology can go on for a very long time.…


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