2011 year of footballing evil

Football this year has been evil. Maybe it has always been evil but this year in particular it has stood out to be evil. Let's have a rushed and disorganised look through some of the years most evil events in football.

Sepp Blatters farce of the FIFA elections seems a good place to start. In reality Bin Hamman would have been a worse leader than good ol' Sepp, but the picture of the ballot sheet, is really unforgiving. This is of course not to mention Sepp's racism gaffe later in 2011 where he said “racism happens on the pitch, players should accept it and shake hands at the end.”

Ahh, racism that's not been a huge issue in football this year, has it? Oh wait, it has. Over in Spain the racism was particularly simian obsessed, fans did monkey chants, or that affable fellow Sergio Busquets calling Real Madrid's charming defender Marcelo a monkey during El Clasico. England of course was up in arms about all of this, but it turns out we're no better with JT, our lovable, roguish England captain, allegedly calling Anton Ferdinand a “black c***” during a match.

And lest we forget, a minority of Liverpool fans brought shame to their club in their maniacal, racist and frankly disgusting defence of the simply delightful Luis Suarez in his own racism soap opera with, “not as good as he was two seasons ago” Patrice Evra. The club itself has been pretty evil, “betraying it's roots in socialism” and wanting more foreign TV revenue because it has more fans.

No one is safe this year, fans have been pure evil, if you need proof why don't you have a look at some of the tweets Stan Collymore has favourited? It's not just racism that fans have been at, Blackburn supporters were actually willing their club to lose against local rivals Bolton in match one wit dubbed El Crapico. This was all in protest against the owners and, allegedly hapless, manager Steve Kean.

Another evil thing is the Premier League clubs wanting to scrap relegation. Again I think we can, allegedly, blame Blackburn for this one, as, allegedly (can we just assume from now on that any controversial statement I make has allegedly in front of it?), current owners Venkys didn't know about relegation before buying the club. Don't even get me started on the fine young gentleman Sandro Rossell and his European breakaway league.

Where am I? Oh yeah, the always splendid Wayne Rooney had a pretty evil year as well. Whether it be elbowing Wigan's “face like a half melted candle,” James McCarthy. Actually elbowing him mind, not forming a north west indie band that is critically successful before breaking out into the mainstream and providing the backing track for every advert and emotional VT montage ever. I seem to have gone a bit wrong. Back to the hearty chap Rooney, other crimes include warping the minds of children everywhere by swearing into a camera after scoring a goal. A role model no more.

Another Manchester United player who had a pretty evil year was 2009 Sports Personality Of The Year Winner (evil in it's own rights for not having single female nominee this year and giving votes to silly publications like Nuts, Zoo and the MEN, please give me a job though) Ryan Giggs, who had a super injunction over his alleged affairs with Big Brother “star” Imogen Thomas and his brother's wife. Smooth.

Carlos Tevez had a suitably evil year, refusing to come on as substitute for Manchester City against Bayern Munich, generally acting like a spoilt child and worse of all attempting to rap. His agent, the stand up citizen Kia Joobrachin presumably spent the year swimming in pools of money and on the phone to Mark Hughes telling him that it was a good idea to leave Fulham. Whilst on the subject of City, who could forget the charitable Gary Cook with his abusive emails to a player's cancer suffering mother?

Other acts of evil include death threats to Celtic manager Neil Lennon, Alex McLeish leaving the relegated Birmingham for rivals Aston Villa, Liverpool paying 35 million pounds for Andy Carroll, Chelsea paying 50 million pounds for Fernando Torres, the cancellation of Special 1 TV, Keys and Gray smashing it, Mike Ashley renaming St James Park the Sports Direct Arena, the existence of Anthony Pilkington (he gave me a hard time when I was Huddersfield manager of FM11) and worse of all Robbie Savage becoming a proper pundit, Gary Neville being on Sky (although I don't mind him), Lineker and Lawro took part in the national game of hide the sex offender that is Movember and Alan Hansen being paid £4000 a minute on Match Of The Day.

All Evil, allegedly. Anything I've forgotten?

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Comment by thecityisred on December 24, 2011 at 11:37

Yeah, for me the way the Marcelo incident was brushed under the carpet was shocking. Busquets should still be banned in my opinion. I think the Sneijder transfer rumours were evil.

Comment by Cra19 - A true Red 'head' Devil on December 24, 2011 at 9:08
Anything I've forgotten?

The run of El Clasicos at the end of last season. You touched on the Marcelo and Sergio Busquet incident but not 100 million yellow cards, training to compete against Tom Daley @ 2012 and the mass brawl in which Mouriho gauges an opposition coaches eye.
Comment by Colin Jarvis on December 23, 2011 at 22:44

A lot has happened so much so that when reading your article it seems like longer ago. Nice to read so thank you. 

Comment by Koga on December 23, 2011 at 20:17

Makes me wish I lived somewhere on a farm (doing respectable work like my gramps) with just a television that broadcasted games in gobbledygook so I just watch the soccer. My vote for most evil part of 2011: Blatter. Wound me up for months right after the 2018/22 bid.


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