A finnicky ref, a stuffy deflection and a guest appearance by Ronny Rosenthal

Saturday September 8th 2012

Newton 2-0 Maghull

I have a confession. I was willing to put money on a win for us today. 

Ok, I would have lost, but the only losers where the peeps who didn't get to see this game.It was a pleasure to watch. 

Two good sides went toe to toe and produced the best game I have seen this season.

Granted the suprising heat sapped the legs and late on it became a tad sloppy, but all can be applauded for contributing to a match that was a credit to both sides. 

From the kick off, we went for the throat. The home team, struggled to get out of their own half, but they also insisted on playing the ball out, no long clearance tactics. Which was very refreshing to see. We played some good stuff and managed to put some dangerous crosses in which caused a problem on each occasion. The closest to goal, being Danny's header that bounced over the bar.He did everything right, headed it down, but the hard pitch took it slightly over. Six inches lower it was 1-0 to the visitors.

Then John McGuire was put through on his own, the keeper charged out and took out Mags from his hip. Leaving him flat out for 2-3 minutes. A red card surely, especially when the home bench go quiet and ask for only a yellow. A sure sign of worry. The referee gave a yellow.

The home side eventually got into the game and created a couple of dangerous moves that tested our back four, but we defended well.

Danny's bad luck came into the fore even more so in the 25th minute, when an attempted clearance struck an opponent and found it's way  to a gleeful winger who was left with nothing else to do other than slam the ball into the far corner and give Newton the lead. 

We continued to press forward and a great chance was created at the back post for Mags, who somehow managed to put the chance wide. His injury playing a big part in the miss, he did not re-appear for the second half because of it. 

Salt was rubbed into the wounds when a good passage of play by Newton, saw them break down our right, a cross and a first time effort saw a good save from Mike Mawdsley, unfortunately the ball somehow ricocheted to an oncoming forward and he placed it into an empty net. Two goals in five minutes and neither where really deserved,

The best effort of the half came right at the death, when a cracking shot brought out a tremendous save from Mike and kept us in the game.

Half time 2-0

The second half saw more good play from both sides, the home side having slightly the better of it, but we still kept pressing and creating chances. 

The game ebbed this way and that, both sides producing some very good football. Newton desperate to try and finish us off, Maghull desperate to get back into the game. 

It may seem strange but up until the 75th minute, no clear cut chances came. Then the game swung our way.

What I thought was an innocuous challenge in the middle of the park, saw a Newton man shown a red card. As was pointed out to me, it was a two footed challenge and that's a red. So this particular dinosaur had to eat humble pie and accept, that though okay in my day, the game has changed. Still looked like a decent tackle to me though. But considering the silly bookings that had taken place earlier, then I suppose it was of no suprise. 

Then came the guest appearance. 

The one man advantage nearly paid dividends immediately. A break down the left, saw a cross leave the opposition keeper stranded on the floor. The ball two yards out and Joycey (on as sub at ht for Mags) managed to disturb the birds in the trees behind the goal rather than troubling the netting, which he should have burst. Ronny couldn't have managed it better.

It knocked the stuffing out of us.

We kept going forward, had more efforts on goal and ran ourselves ragged trying to get a goal. Unfortunately, the closest to another goal came from the hosts, who broke clear, but Mike Mawdsley made another good save in the dying seconds.

A great game, silly bookings and a couple of shocking misses brought much excitement. Just not the result. Believe me... the wins will come... no side can have this much poor luck.

Next game : Mossley Hill  home Saturday 15th September 2012


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