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Saturday August 25 2012

Cammell Lairds Reserves 10-0 Maghull  Yes ten !

There is a saying in football, that relates to a team getting a bit of a pasting "it could have been double figures"

For the first time ever, I saw it happen.

To steal a line from Blackadder, "It started badly, tailed off in the middle and the least said about the end, the better" 

All seemed to be going to plan. A penalty conceded after three minutes (scored) and a second goal, albeit contentious due to a dodgy offside decision, making it 2-0 in the tenth minute.

But we have been here before. No worries, we will come back and score fairly soon. And we did. But it was ruled offside.

Whether this had some bad effect on the players, only they know. But the usual mountain climb, now came with an added landslide. And it was not going to stop.

A third soon followed, then a fourth and just for good measure, before half time, the hosts popped in a fifth. During the course of the proceedings the Cammell Lairds number 9 had bagged a hat trick (and the fourth, once again, looked a little offside) They even managed to score again, but that was ruled offside, but looked ok.

Half time saw three changes and a change of formation. 

An initial push saw some positives. A few efforts on goal, though not troubling the keeper, gave some hope of at least salvaging some pride and sneaking a 5-1 or even a 5-2.

Then the hosts decided they wanted to have some fun. Some un-needy taunting took place, but they backed up their deeds by slamming in another five in the second half. The linesman was confused and was giving out the wrong scoreline, though it was in our favour. I wish he had been right.

Next Fixture : Southport Trinity away on Wednesday 29th August 

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