A home win, a recovery and glad this season is over.

Maghull 2 - 1 Chester Nomads

Saturday 25th April 2015 kick off 3pm

I had to wait for a few of days, deciding how to approach this last waffle of the season.

No drunken stupor after last seasons league campaign. No annoyance and watching my p's and q's after the shambles of last seasons cup final. No, this was altogether different and hard to put into words. After a fairly decent start, the guts were ripped out of the side and to finish 8th was a job well done. But I also think that nobody is kidding themselves, in that, at times it went quite very array. The game at Southport seemed to light the blue touch paper for a shocking spell and to come out of that, again deserves credit.

But games were lost against opposition that should have been put to the sword. Even with a decimated squad. Some great performances and being stood up by Mrs Luck doesn't cover the cracks that showed quite often during the campaign. Considering what happened early in the season, I think it is fair to give a 6 out of 10 for the end of year report. Could have been so much better, but liked messing around at the back of the class too much and if they finished the job asked of them a little more often, they may have got the grades they deserved. So as we come to the exitlude of the season, may I say thanks for some fun lads. It has again been a pleasure watching you play in some horrible conditions and some bloody awful games (we wont mention Helsby away again, I promise) New blood, new vigour, new hopes and new dreams await you next season, now learn from this one,. Reigning champions have been relegated before, so to pull off mid table coupled some bad luck, should give hope for next season.

Oh and we had a game on Saturday !

It wasn't the best, let's be honest about that. But a nice show of character was good to see. This was again one of those games that could have and should have, been a fun time high scoring affair for Maghull. Instead, a bit of a slip saw Danny Boyles backpass wrong foot Lee Carrol and give the visitors an undeserved lead. Boyle was unlucky later in the game to rectifying his mistook, when seeing his header come back off the crossbar.

Jay Steel brought the scores level moments after going a goal down, with a fine drive from outside the box. It should have been a Maghull lead at the break, instead, we had fears of a last game 1-1 draw for the third season running.

The second half was only notable really for the antics of a Nomads player who seemed to want to end his season with a red card. A naughty challenge and a coupe of silly challenges saw him get a talking too, before the break, but he threw in a very, very nasty two footed challenge in the second half. Why the referee did not grant him the early bath he so badly seeked, is a puzzle. A few of us on the sidelines even tried to get the visitors management to substitute him to save him being red carded. Initially they did not listen, but eventually did the honourable thing, before somebody got injured.

The game was won with another long range effort, this time from Michael Boyle (who had been named as the West Cheshire League player of the year earlier in the day) which left the keeper stranded and nestled in the far corner of the net.

Chances came and went and Maghull could have troubled the scoreboard more than the cricket lads on the other pitch. Instead, the game didn't quite get to fizz level and slowly drew to a close. But a home win after some recent setbacks was a nice way to end the season. Huge rest now and a big job on for the management to get things going for next season. There is a title to reclaim !!!

Have a great summer everyone....it's been emotional !!

Next game ? Who cares right now, as long as it's going to be sunny and there is plenty of blondes and..... ducks for cover from Julie for sexist remarks.

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