A pitch invasion, a fightback and the sucker punch (x2)

Wednesday August 22 2012

Mossley Hill 3-3 Maghull

Starting at the beginning always seems the best way. Unfortunately, a pattern is forming, where it seems a mountain, never mind a hill, is to be climbed, to get anything out of a game.

On a pitch that Franz Klammer would have had difficulty negotiating, Maghull decided to stay in the dressing room until the home side had struck twice (sorry,I retract that,they did play a huge part in the second goal)  Again,within the first 10 minutes. It is becoming like groundhog day. In defence, of the defence, it was a whole new back four from that of Saturday, for varying reasons.Though they still seem to have the same alarm clock supplier.

So we shall skip over the beginning, suffice to say it was bad. Even the following ten minutes where not too clever, as the home side created enough to have put the game to bed.

But they didn't.

Maghull started to get to grips with the hustle bustle and a fine goal, by skipper Phil Stafford, around the half hour mark brought Maghull right back into the game. A weakness was found in the home teams defence and the ball over the top provided ceaseless opportunities which they just could not cope with. Billy Rice, Sean Chart and Marko Parvas caused no end of problems for the home defence, whipping in some tremendous crosses. The pressure paying off, when Marko Parvas hit home from 8 yards, some 5 minutes later. It was like a blue and white wave surging forward. Only some last ditch, desperate defending stopped the scoreline being 2-3 or 2-4 by the interval. Instead we had to settle for  2-2. How those last 20 minutes had changed things.

The second half, expectedly, after the first half shananigans, took time to warm up. All was a bit sloppy and passes went astray from both sides. Maghull finally calmed things down and played some nice football. Taking control of the game again, it seemed only a matter of time before the third goal came. Though it has to be said, that the home side did look dangerous on the odd occasion they managed to escape out of their own half. 

Again the pressure told and a great move down the left hand side, between Billy Rice and Terry McDonald ended with Marko passing home his second of the match to give Maghull a well deserved lead. This was three points in the bag and a great fightback could have been sealed with a number of half chances created. But the night then started to turn sour.

A cracking covering challenge at right back by Sean Chart, resulted in a desperate lunge from behind by his opponent. Sean,was rightly,none too happy with the challenge, but whatever was said finished with Charty being attacked.Human nature is to defend yourself, which he did. This then became a bit of a brawl, with some players from either side deciding to be peacemakers/aggressors. However, a complete buffoon from the sidelines (one can only presume he was a spectator from the home sides ranks) decided to join the fray and get involved in the fisticuffs. Quite disappointed that he was not asked to leave the sidelines and I hope that it is in the referee's report about this outrageous invasion of the pitch by a fan.At any level, this is totally wrong.

For his part in winning the ball, being fouled and then attacked, Sean Chart received a red card. Rules are rules... even stupid ones. If he had just accepted the attempted punches launched at him, then he would have stayed on the pitch. But retaliation deemed he must go. Together with his opponent.

I must say, that I was very impressed with the captains attitude at this point. Phil Stafford took control, as the players kept the protagonists away from each other, he spoke to the referee and kept the lads heads up.

The game seemed to peter out from here on in. Maghull still holding the edge in play, but where hit on the break with 10 or so minutes to go. A bit of slack play in the middle of the park allowed the Mossley full back to play a ball through to Yusuf Malik ? on the left. He took advantage of a huge gap down Maghulls right hand side and smashed in a shot at the near post to make it 3-3 and completing his hat trick into the bargain. 

A great chance to win it came with two minutes to go when Michael Balmer headed wide, when it seemed he had won the points.

So 3-3 it ended. A disappointing end, but a point on the board in a hard away fixture. And good luck to Dan Yates of Mossley who took a hefty knock in the dying seconds. Hope it is not serious.

Next fixture

Cammell Laird Reserves away at 3pm Saturday August 25 


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