A poor reverse. plan b gone wrong and red means danger

South Liverpool 2-1 Maghull

Saturday 16th August 2014 kick off 3pm

Not much to say about this game, other than it didn't work and South deserved the win.

If the game was on chances alone, it could have been a hiding. Fortunately a decent save here and there, some poor finishing and a couple of great blocks kept the scoreline close.

The referee may not have had his best game ever and I think he got Robert Nadines first booking wrong, but overall, the points went to the team who had more fight and wanted it a bit more.

Maghull, really could have been two down, before the games opener came, from the penalty spot. For Maghull. A corner kick, a near post dummy by Colin McDonald and the ball came back off a defender and the ref pointed to the spot. If that was given against Maghull, I would not have been impressed.

Mike Cummins slotted home and hopefully the South Liverpool tidal wave would stop. It did, but only periodically.

One or two strange decisions irritated the home supporters, notably by the referees assistant. But this did not keep South from pushing forward and creating problems for Maghulls defence and midfield. To go into the break one goal to the good, was a bonus.

The hoped for Maghull dominance, in the second half, failed to materialise. The closest Maghull came to adding to the scoresheet came when a backheader from a South defender hit the top of his own bar and out for a corner.

Trying to play a long ball game, just did not work. Colin McDonald was marshalled by the two tall centre backs, not much was being offered out wide and the by passed midfield did not pick up any pieces coming back from McDonald, when he had the chance to hold the ball up.

Set pieces became the way to score on the day. Souths equaliser came with a long free kick to the back post, a header back and it was nodded home by the South centre back. The winner also came from a free kick out on the right. Lee Carrol saved the initial effort, but a South player reacted quickest and the points were lost.

Robert Nadine saw red with the scores level at 1-1. The second yellow was warranted, doubtful on the first. If Robert had stayed on, as poor as Maghull played, I think they would have secured a draw. But they need to react to this result. Wednesday gives that opportunity quickly.

Next game : Hale home Wednesday 20th August 2014 league kick off 6.30pm

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