Closing the stable door..whilst the horse is on the horizon

My granddad played for Hendon F.C before the war and, by all accounts, was a pretty handy striker. So much so that he was offered a profession contract with Aston Villa - which he promptly turned down. The main reason being that he would actually earn less than what he currently was as technician for B.T.

This kind of example shines a light on why Jimmy Hill thought it so necessary to lobby for the abolition of the maximum wage cap for footballers in 1961. It allowed those with exceptional talents to pursue a career in football and be duly rewarded for it.

Fast forward to 2012 and the Premier League is openly talking about the introduction of a wage cap to coincide with the new television revenue deal. The main reasoning behind this is to stop the increase in revenues that each EPL club will see through the new Sky deal being swallowed up by wage inflation. In the most recent financial data available (10-11 season) player wages accounted for 70% of the clubs turnover, in the same season only two clubs made profits.

Sure its a step in the right ideological direction but what difference (if any?) will a wage cap make. As seen with Uefa's Financial fair play rules where theres a will to circumvent financial rules to gain an advantage there is most certainly a way. Creative tax loopholes already allow the average EPL player to avoid most taxation, and for the most part this is aided and abetted by the clubs themselves whom employ 'financial advisors' for the players and themselves are involved in less than crystal clear financial trickery.

Even if it did stem the tide what difference would it make? We live in the age of the £250,000 a week footballer, surely someone should have raised the issue at a tenth of that?! And what, if anything, can be done to bring the world of football back dow to our austere reality?

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