The accession of David Moyes to the Manchester United throne was much heralded affair, the like of which has never been seen before at Old Trafford, or any other club for that matter, then I suppose it was a rare occasion, Sir Alex retiring, the last game of the season and a full house at Old Trafford, what better way to grab all the media attention, and thus prolonged advertising for the mass of sponsors that the club had and still do sign up.

Then there was the passionate plea from Sir Alex :

"I'd also like to remind you that when we had bad times here, the club stood by me, all my staff stood by me, the players stood by me. Your job now is to stand by our new manager".

I wondered then and I still wonder now, why he decided to say it, it was an off the cuff remark, he said before speaking that he didn't have anything written down, and I wonder, if he had bothered to write farewell speech whether that plea to the fans would have been part of it.

The hype continued all through the summer, the headline being "The Chosen One" as if Moyes was the second coming, or Voldemorts nemesis.

Personally I wasn't pleased with Moyes as the clubs of Sir Alex's choice, I knew from day one that Moyes would have to earn my respect as manager of the club I have supported for well over 45yrs, I've seen them come and go, mostly go, before Sir Alex the only one I had real respect for was "The Doc" at least he had the balls to clear the old players out, maybe the way he did it was wrong, but at the time it was what the club needed.

I thought that at least Moyes would come in, sit back, see how things were done, at let the success carry on, then as the days and weeks progressed, things started to happen, first Albert the kitman retires, ok no big deal you think, well wrong, in a club like United the kitman is the closest person to the players, when they want to get some time off they head to the boot room, and Albert was always a friendly ear, Solksjaer speaks highly of him in his bio. Maybe Albert wanted to retire,

Then came the news that Mike Phelan was also leaving, this was the man who had more experience than any other in being winning asssistant, Sir Alex's longest serving assistant at that,

Alex+Ferguson+Mike+Phelan+zmC4um7-Wocma man who had been Fergies ear and confident for many a year, so that was a blow, then literally hours after Moyes had officially taken over, the news that Eric Steele had also left the club "by mutual consent", I'm not sure what fans know about Eric Steele, most people only ever see him when he's warming up the keeper prior to match, Eric is considered as the best goalkeeping coach in Britain today, when we took on David De Gea, Eric took Spanish lessons, so that the two could communicate better, you don't get better dedication than that, and Moyes let it walk out of Carrington.

The final straw for me was Rene Meulensteen, a bloke with the grand title of first team coach, again many fans don't know a lot about Meulensteen, they only know of his as a failed Manager, thats as may be, but Rene isn't regarded as one of the best coaches in Britain, he is considered one of the best coaches in Europe, and the way United played and adopted the 4-2-3-1 system and made it work, was largely down to Rene, the reason we bought the players we did was to use the system devised and recognised as one of the best formations.

I know that managers want to bring in their own staff, but there is also a saying that "if it's not broke don't fix it", Moyes watched and from what has been rumoured helped coaches with years of title winning experience walk out through Carringtons doors, never to enter again.

If you watch the post Fergie interviews with those mentioned , you can tell that the parting was not an amicable one, you can tell from their demeanour, and the way they talk reservedly that all was not well.

Eric-Steele Rene-Meulensteen_0These past winners have been replaced by a coaching team whose success to date has got Everton to 7th place in the Premiership, Steve Round, Phil Neville , Jimmy Limsden and of course David Moyes, they all have one thing in common, as coaches they haven't won a single competition between them, in fact Moyes in his eleven years at Everton won absolutely nothing. Everton fans are actually pleased to see him go, some even called him mediocre.

Revelations today revealed by Eric Steele also makes it clear that Moyes was given advice by Sir Alex, in the fanzine "United we stand" he says :

"I didn't want to leave. Why would I?" he added. "I knew that David was coming in and wondered who he'd bring.

"You had the United perspective - the manager saying, 'Keep what we've got, keep the continuity, work with them and they'll guide you through. You're taking on a massive machine here. You've gone from Marks and Spencer's to Harrods.'

"Then there's David's viewpoint, which I understand. I know him professionally. I know his work ethic, his hands-on approach.

"I don't blame him for doing what he did. I've been in the game long enough to know how it is.

"But it's ironic, isn't it? You've just been part of a team that has had a great season and won the league. David De Gea's had his best season. Does it make sense that you're not retained to continue the good work? Sadly, that's out of my hands."

If you think this cannot be true, then you only have to search Google to find images of Moyes and Ferguson together at Old Trafford, in United training kit.

Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson

I don't think anyone at United from the Glazers to the Board of Directors imagined that when they employed David Moyes, that the first thing he would do would be to dismantle a winning team.

If you want an allegory, its like knocking down a supermarket, building a corner shop, then wondering why you are taking less money.

Mr Moyes was given a lucrative six-year contract to be the new manager of United, the way things are going, he will be lucky if he survives the first year.

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